So can we forget the Bellerin rumours?….for now


Barca grow tired of waiting for Bellerin!

It is very good news for the Gunners to hear that Arsenal may not have to be concerned about the threat that FC Barcelona pose over Hector Bellerin this summer. This is because the Spanish giants have instead reportedly turned their attention elsewhere.

It is reported in today’s London Evening Standard that Barcelona have set their sights on signing Chelsea and fellow Spain international Cesar Azpilicueta, with the Gunners refusing to budge on any potential sale of Hector Bellerin.

Bellerin has previously outlined that he has no real intention of leaving Arsenal any time soon, with his career at the club having taken off at an extraordinary speed. He has become a fan favourite at Arsenal and has nailed down his position in the starting eleven, well ahead of fellow competitors Carl Jenkinson and Mathieu Debuchy. Bellerin has also pointed out that he is very settled in London, however with how forceful Barcelona can be (as experienced from previous dealings with them) it doesn’t stop fans fearing that we could lose the young Spanish international star this summer.

There were also rumours that Barcelona player Gerard Pique was going to ‘tap up’ Bellerin whilst on international duty with Spain at this summer’s European Championships. However it seems that now Pique won’t having any convincing to do, with the Gunners reportedly standing strong in their bid to keep one of the most promising players at the club.

I personally don’t have much fear of Bellerin leaving this summer because I feel he is fully embedded in this Arsenal side. Although it would be a tough decision to turn down the Catalan giants, I don’t think he has the same intentions as Cesc Fabregas did when he moved from Arsenal back in 2011.

Admittedly I can see Bellerin leaving for Spain again in the future, but I am fairly sure that he will still be with Arsenal come the start of next season.

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