Capoue is Arsenal’s main target as Mario Gotze rules himself out


Although there is still some time before the end of the season, there are lots of Arsenal transfer rumours in the papers lately. The Daily Express is claiming that Arsene Wenger tried hard to buy Etienne Capoue from Toulouse in January and believes that the French club will allow the defensive midfielder to finally move to the Emirates this summer.

Arsenal are definitely in need of a hard man in the middle and Capoue would certainly fit the bill for most Arsenal fans, but one player that EVERY Gooner would like to see at the Emirates is the German youngster Mario Gotze. But the Dortmund man has announced that he has no interest in joining Arsenal as he has bigger clubs in mind if he left Dortmund.

He said: ‘I am very happy at Dortmund and satisfied with the way we are progressing as a team. Any thoughts about playing for another team are very much for the future, but Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United could be interesting.’

There were recent rumours in Germany that Bayern Munich were heading the chase for Gotze, but it looks like all bets will have to be put on hold for another 12 months…..

3 thoughts on “Capoue is Arsenal’s main target as Mario Gotze rules himself out

  1. Just a few years ago there were players that were world class and the likes of Barca,Real Madrid ,Ac Milan,Utd and Arsenal were the only teams that would get them if they wanted them ,today we have Man City,Chelsea ,PSG,Man Utd [ if the price is right and still the Spanish teams Real and Barca,also B Munich,Baroussa Dortman,and a couple of Russian Teams Anzi,Zenith, where are Arsenal in this probably 15 -16 th in line… we will keep going backwards because the owner thinks of one thing Profit for the pocket.. Sad times for Arsenal because we now accept 4th as being a good season..

  2. Football’s gone crazy i agree Ren, we simply can’t compete.
    Man City PSG and Chelsea all have a limitless amount of money, other clubs have to pick up the scraps.
    Blame Fifa.

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