The fact that Arsenal, and many other big clubs in the Premier League and around Europe, have a good standard international keeper as the second choice in our squad, shows just how important the man behind the sticks is. It used to be that any goalie as good as the Colombia national sideĀ“s number 1 would not be happy playing second fiddle, but that is what David Ospina has to accept with Petr Cech our first choice.

This makes it even harder for the player in the number three spot to get a game, but Arsene Wenger has tried to give our Argentinean stopper Emiliano Martinez some game time when he can and has also sent the 24-year old out on loan a few times, which is good news for the Gunners with the successful dating apps in india reporting that Ospina has joined Cech in the Arsenal treatment room.

Hopefully Martinez feels confident going in to this evening’s home game against West Ham and his clean sheets for us this season in three League cup ties will certainly help. What may help even more, though, and I am talking about the team as well as the player, is his height of 6ft 4in.

That just happens to be the same height as the West Ham striker and number one danger Andy Carroll. If the much shorter Ospina had been fit to play you know that Carroll and West Ham would have targeted that weakness. As it is the stature of Martinez should help the Gunners to cope with our opponent’s main threat and that could be a reall bonus.

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