Which Arsenal player will you support at the World Cup?

Ozil holding World CupAlthough there is the World Cup in Russia this summer, just for a change there are not many Arsenal players selected for the international squads, which may give the Gunners a good start for the beginning of next season but could make it a boring tournament for us in terms of seeing Arsenal players on the field.

So who will we see, and what are their chances of going all the way to the Final? I have just been looking at the prices to win the World Cup on netbet.co.uk and surprisingly Brazil are the 5/1 favourites. They usually are, but they may find the conditions in Russia a bit different to South America and in fact the last one was held in Brazil.

Wenger sweating on fitness of Arsenal international stars

At least after tonight the Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger will no longer have to wait and wonder with trepidation about the fitness of the Arsenal players on international duty, as the latest round of friendly games and World Cup qualifying fixtures will be over.

So far this international break has been good to the Gunners, with Mesut Ozil getting a run out for germany to boost his fitness for the home clash with Man City on Sunday. In fact every Gunner joining up with their national teams have come through in one piece and we even got the bonus of Alexis Sanchez proving that the knock to his ankle was no problem as he played the full 90 minutes for Chile in Argentina.

Looking for Arsenal’s biggest fan in America. Is it you?

VisitBritain launches search for America’s super Premier League fan

VisitBritain has launched a competition to find America’s biggest Premier League fan and send them on a dream trip to the UK to attend a Premier League football match.
The competition calls for football enthusiasts from across the US to record a short video that explains what makes them the biggest Premier League fan in America.

The US ranks fourth globally for the number of overseas visitors to Britain who watch a live Premier League match during their trip.

VisitBritain Marketing Director Clare Mullin said: 

“The Premier League has a global fan base of billions so this is a fantastic opportunity to promote the energy and excitement of attending a match and exploring our vibrant football cities. The US has some of the most passionate football fans in the world and we look forward to bringing the biggest Premier League fan to Britain to experience one of the many amazing football moments that can only be had here.” 

Should Arsenal bring back Dennis Bergkamp?

Whilst rumours over the past day may suggest that Arsene Wenger is swaying towards another season with the club after this campaign, it doesn’t stop the stories and questions surrounding who his potential successor could be. Diego Simeone and Jochaim Low may be big names in the limelight, but Arsenal have also been linked with the lesser known managerial gems of Eddie Howe and even our very own former player Dennis Bergkamp.
Bergkamp who retired from professional football with the Gunners after many glorious years in North London under Arsene Wenger, has always been one name to be tipped as a potential candidate to take over the Arsenal post once Wenger decides enough is enough. The former forward currently has a role in management at Dutch side Ajax, where he admits he is very happy, but there are also hints he could soon be ready to take the next step up as a manager elsewhere.
Of course the rumours then set in and the media links Bergkamp’s interest with the potential slot available at Arsenal in the not too distant future. But would Bergkamp seriously return to London with Arsenal?
Speaking about his career at this point, Bergkamp said: “At the moment I am happy in my role at Ajax. I have a say in sporting terms and in policy making. Besides this I like being on the training pitch with the first team and helping the players improve, so at the moment I’m happy. Though I won’t rule out making a move to another country and working abroad in the future, either as a coach or in another staff position.”
It’s the last line of his statement where the media make their links to Arsenal and of course there’s no doubt that he probably would be interested in working with Arsenal again if the chance was to arise. However realistically I don’t think there’s a possibility of Bergkamp coming back to the Gunners, mainly hinging on the fact that he does not like flying. It was a well known fact during his time at Arsenal, that Bergkamp did not like flying at all and as a result of this, he missed many key games for the Gunners.
If it was the case where he was the Arsenal manager, this would put a strain on the club’s fixtures in Europe, as well even long trips to other part of England where Arsenal choose to fly rather than use other modes of transport. Not having the club’s team manager present for these games, or reduced time in preparation is exactly the reason for why Henry wasn’t allowed to coach the Arsenal youth team and stay at Sky Sports at the same time. I therefore highly doubt they would allow such a case regarding the first team managers position!
I have no doubt that Bergkamp would have the right ideas and an interesting philosophical approach to the game. In fact I think Bergkamp shares a similar approach to Arsene Wenger when it comes to understanding the game and how it should be played. Bergkamp would therefore be in a similar position to Wenger when he joined as a relatively unknown figure in football management, with extremely little experience.
Would Bergkamp be someone the big bosses at Arsenal would be interested in? Personally I don’t think they would be interested in appointing him as the club manager, but it would no doubt be good to have the Dutch master back at the club in some coaching capacity.

Arsenal stars set for crucial roles in crunch England/Wales matches

England and Wales take on Slovakia and Russia respectively tonight, as they seek to qualify in the best possible places for the knock-out rounds.

Get into the excitement of tonight’s match by listening to some classic England World Cup songs, which have got me raring for the coming encounter.

The Dragons come into tonight’s match needing to avoid defeat in order to seal a place in the top three, which is highly likely to be enough to seal a place in the next round, with four of the remaining five groups third-placed sides unlikely to all finish with a better points and goal difference.

Which Arsenal player will bring back the Euro16 winners medal?

Arsenal have six current players (I haven’t included Granit Xhaka) set to feature in this summers Euro16 tournament in France, but which one is most likely to bring back the trophy and the bragging rights to the Gunners dressing room?

We have Petr Cech appearing for the Czech Republic, and also the departed Tomas Rosicky. We also have (the nearly departed) Wojciech Szczesny in goal for Poland, but I think we can safely exclude them from the possible winners. If you do want to take a chance on them then Poland are around 50/1 and the Czechs are right out at 100/1

The Arsenal stars I’m backing for Euro 2016

The playing season is over for Arsenal, and it is time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming European Championships, but that doesn’t mean I will be putting my club shirt away for the summer.

Eight of our players have been selected for their respective countries provisional squads for Euro 2016, and I will be keeping a close eye on a number of them for different reasons.

Jack Wilshere is our only star set to grace the England side this summer, and while my priority will be for Jack to return from international duty injury-free, I will of course also be cheering on the Lions. I’m usually one to have a sentimental bet on our side to win the tournament, but the 9/1 (10.0) available is a little short for my liking.

Arsenal internationals all good so far

The first round of games in the current international break are now over and the Arsenal fans that have been nervously fearing some bad news over an injury to one of the Arsenal stars involved can now relax and enjoy their Easter Sunday and scoff some eggs.

The England win over Germany last night was the last of the first lot and saw two Arsenal players starting on either side. Mesut Ozil completed 90 minutes for Germany and claimed an assist for the opening goal scored by Toni Kroos. He must have thought it had set them on the path to victory when Gomez doubled the lead before halftime but England produced a spirited comeback to win it and Welbeck had a great game in the left forward position.