Cazorla Demands Song And RVP Replacements


Newly transferred Arsenal star Santi Cazorla has declared his delight for debuting at Arsenal, but has also spoken about the importance of bringing in top players at the club, who could replace the losses of Robin Van Persie and Alex Song.

According to the Spanish international, 10 days is a lot of time for transfers to be brought in, and knowing what happened last season when Wenger brought in a host of players in the last week of the transfer season, it’s decent to say that at least one will still join the Gunners.

“It’s clear that Van Persie is a great player and obviously we would all have preferred it if he had stayed. Song has gone as well and there are still 10 days left in the transfer market.

“I do not know if we will sign anyone but obviously it’s important to replace players like that because they were so important for the team.”

Cazorla couldn’t be more right. We all saw the way Chelsea and City played over the weekend, and if we are to be hones, Arsenal stands no chance to win the title if they won’t up the game. Arsene Wenger’s lack of action in the Hazard case granted Chelsea an extraordinary player, and frankly speaking it’s time for the Frenchman to bring in at least one more top player, because the arrivals of Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud probably excited all Gunner fans.

7 thoughts on “Cazorla Demands Song And RVP Replacements

  1. Yes I agree we need to bring in some more talent like we already have but I really don’t know what you are talking about with “Wenger’s lack of action in the Hazard case”. Are you trying to say that you think Wenger should have tried to buy Hazard? I don’t know how we would have since the total of the Hazard deal came out to around 75 million after fees and maybe some wages added in. That’s probably way more than our entire transfer budget. Hazard is a great player but the amounts that were being thrown around made it so we had no chance of landing him. It is a stretch to blame Wenger for that and it really just seems like you are looking for something to pin on Wenger in the article.

  2. Thank you Michael. A little less BS in the media would be nice. Like you said Santi is demanding nothing.

  3. im anti-wenger and justifyably so……he has made a profit on transfer deals every season at least since the adebayor departure season. wenger is a banker(take that as you wish), and claims he is all for self-sustainability, whereas in reality he is making a profit whilst the team is becoming weaker every season. cesc, RVP, nasri replaced by players of a lot lesser ability.
    Remember this is your manager that bought squillacci, chamakh, park and believes diaby to be the next vieira. The manager that has no tactical nouse, proven by his baffling substitutions,(oxlade v man utd!), the manager that was in charge for the 8 goal hammering by man utd, and the 4-4 draw at newcastle when 4-0 up. Useless, senile arrogant bungling fool.

    1. PROFFIT – That “sustainability” thing you brushed aside is the only reason this club is still contending for the title in a league where other clubs are each trying to build a bigger house of cards than the other, its nice to spend beyond your means and think it will last forever but thats not how the world works and it will come crashing down eventually. This is a club that will live forever and know they do it the right way. We are the best club in the world that is actually financially sound (i recall barca players missing payslips and Real beginin to realise that their wage bill does NOT need adding to). – Check the name mate i tell you whats what.

  4. I get that Wenger has his faults, and I am by no stretch of the imagination in the Wenger-can-do-no-wrong park, but your criticisms of him are barely even criticisms, they are closer to just ranting reasons you throw out to hate him. I can’t tell if you are trying to say that he is actually taking the profit from transfers for himself but that is kind of ridiculous, at least use things that can be backed up to justify hating him. And yeah he has made some glaring tactical mistakes but so has every manager, and you point to a small few but then I’m sure things like the 5-2 win agains Spurs was because of the players, and every good thing that happens on the field is due to the players. You can hate Wenger, just do it right.

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