Cazorla the Arsenal star yet again

In an awful performance against Liverpool yesterday, Arsenal were lucky to come away with a draw despite leading until the 95th minute! That may seem like a paradox but the fact is that Liverpool dominated the possession and the chaces on goal.

One positive to come out of the game was the excellent shift put in by our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla, who was singled out for special praise by Arsene Wenger after the game. Wenger said: “He played very well. He’s one of the players who turned up and he had a great performance.”

Santi may be 30, but he seems to be more active than the youngsters. Even befoe the game Wenger congratulated him on his consstency over the whole year.

“He’s a player with a good technique,” said Wenger. “The better your technique is, the more natural it is to play and the less effort you need to put in to control the ball and pass left or right.

“With Santi, you don’t know if he’s left or right-footed and his passion for football helps him to recover as well. He has a good stamina so he can produce the effort.

“Overall, he is the player who has played more games than anybody else for Arsenal in 2014. As we arrive at the end of the year, I want to congratulate him for that.”

So all hail King Cazorla! Why can’t he teach the youngsters to have the same attitude?

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