Chamakh Is Ready To Go. Who Will Replace Him?

Arsenal’s striker Marouane Chamakh doesn’t want to speak about the possibility to leave the Gunners until after the African Nations Cup.

The Morocco striker is likely to leave the club soon, but even though reports were pointing to a possible leave in January, he doesn’t seem interested of the possibility to leave Arsenal at the moment. Amongst the teams interested in him the most likely to land the striker are PSG, Bordeaux or Fiorentina, and amid reports linking him to Fiorentina Chamakh declared:

“Fiorentina is a good team,” he told Sky Sports.

“I want to have a fantastic African Nations Cup – the rest will follow.”

Chamakh will have to be replaced and even though Arsenal has Henry to cover for him at the moment, Wenger will want to look for a more lengthy deal for some other top striker. German striker Podolski, Argentine Suarez or Brazilian Damiao seem to be the targets for Wenger, but the French manager doesn’t seem too keen to make a move quick for one of the players, while Podolski declared that he would only leave his current club FC Koln in the summer.

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8 thoughts on “Chamakh Is Ready To Go. Who Will Replace Him?

  1. yes very simple…. Bendtner to replace chamakh and vela to replace park or just sell chamakh in the summer and buy a decent striker, not a nobody that will soon have to leave, surely there has to be a striker on the reserves with more speed and more eye for goal.

  2. Chamak shuld stop waisting is time, is unuseful striker to the core…..let him go away this january and replace him with som1 else!if possible almighty podolski.

  3. Bender is gone – the guy has publicly stated he will never return to arsenal and whats more his performances on the pitch have not been the standard we need and his off field antics have also blemished him.

    Vela shows a lot of promise, he needs to bulk up still, but i would keep him. However he certainly is not the answer to replace chamakh or park – at least not unlesswe replace one of them with a world class partner for van persie.

    The off load ros and arshavin and replace with better players

  4. We do have two players who could fill the void at centre forward and support van Persie but they`re still a little green and I don`t think Wenger would risk it. I refer to Walcott and Ox-Chamberlain. Just a thought, nothing more.

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