Chamakh to be next to follow Arshavin away from Arsenal?


Arsenal’s spring cleaning continues and after Arsene Wenger decided to let Russian winger Andrey Arshavin return to Zenit, the Gunners are now ready to do the same in the case of Marouane Chamakh.

The Morroccan international striker joined Arsenal in 2010 but even though he was one of the hottest prospects in the French League 1 at the time he fell way short of expectations after he picked up an injury (or lack of confidence?) which kept him away from action for a long time.

In his time spent at Arsenal, Chamakh only scored 12 goals in 58 games and he’s now ready to leave the club after dropping down the pecking oreder after the arrival of Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain this summer, and possibly Chu-Young Park as well.

Chamakh wanted to leave in the winter, but the African Cup of Nations kept him away from Europe and unabled him to negotiate any move deals despite intense interest coming from abroad, but he made it clear that he would be looking to move on if he remained out of the Arsenal first team.

French side PSG and the Italian giants Fiorentina seem the most likely candidates to land the striker but his former squad Bordeaux is also making efforts to get him back for a surprise fee of £6 million.

7 thoughts on “Chamakh to be next to follow Arshavin away from Arsenal?

  1. I am moroccan and I hate to say it but Chamakh should leave Arsenal this summer. I just want to rectify something: When Chamakh Joined the team he has done tremendously well when RVP was out due to injury but the the captain came back, there was no place for Chamakh which lead to a confidence drop. now Chamakh seems he has lost his way and he’s not doing well and he should leave. it’s better for both sides. Arsenal can get some money to reinvest in another goal scorer and Chamakh can find another club that suit him (I was convinced from the beginning that his style doesn’t fit with Arsenal’s one).
    Good luck Chamakh !
    Gooner 4 ever !

    1. Why Wenger wants to sell Chamakh only he knows as
      Marouane is a quality striker that Arsenal desperately
      needs specially since the departure of Nicklas Bendtn er who also suffered from Arsene,s stubborness in not
      playing him often enough ,better to keep Chamakh ?

  2. A team that only plays with one striker needs a striker that’s prolific. Chamakh is a lot of things but a natural goalscorer is not one of them. He didn’t score many goals before he came to Arsenal and he didn’t score many goals at Arsenal. It looked like he might have the potential to for a short time last season which surprised me but I don’t think he was ever the right man for Arsenal.

  3. Of course he’s one of d hotest striker in league 1 but our pattern of playn is diffrnt 4rm his own Gunners 4 life

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