Chelsea Ready To Steal Arsenal Target. When Will This Ever Stop?

Chelsea have increased their interest in Lille’s playmaker Eden Hazard, who even though was looking highly likely to join the Gunners during this January after a failed summer bid, now seems more likely to join their top rivals Chelsea.

It’s the same story it was with Mata who after being watched and intensely linked with Arsenal he ended up playing for Chelsea who were just more convinced that they want him, and just look at the incredible level of skill Mata is showing, managing to be nothing short of one of the best players in Chelsea’s team.

Perhaps Wenger will understand that Arsenal shouldn’t fight for a top 4 finish, but for a title, and he will decide to invest the money they got out of selling Clichy, Nasri, Eboue and Fabregas in the summer.

If Wenger puts the money Arsenal got out of selling Nasri and Fabregas into two young players, but good ones like Gotze and Hazard or who knows what combination of top players who have been linked with them, the Gunners will even have a chance of cracking City. They don’t have to act like City does buying everything that knows how to pass a ball, but just do what Wenger said, to invest what money they have.

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7 thoughts on “Chelsea Ready To Steal Arsenal Target. When Will This Ever Stop?

  1. The whole footie world does not revolve around Arsenal. If we are interested in a player, we should act decisively and effectively to secure his services. This means not expressing a muted interest year on year hoping that the selling club would lower the asking price. Sadly this has been our lot in the past few years.

  2. Just cos u send scouts to a match does not mean u are after a player i am a scout and i watch players all the.time more likely to rule them out rather than put their name in the hat

  3. If you want a player, you go for him. Arsenal made alot from selling Cesc, Nasir, Eboue and clichy but did not invest much in talent young players of about the same ages (btween 20 to 24), the result is what we are seening today, Arsenal will not make the top 4, the first time is over 12 years, due to the manger’s preference for profits as against trophies. Two top player additional would have done the team alot of good. Arsenal has become the selling tag for good players, al they do is link a player to Arsenal and the big teams like Chelsea and Mancity with the money but very little scouting activity will come with the big cash to buy, That is the market now, just link the player to Wenger and Arsenal and his prices shots up.

  4. Chelsea don’t ‘steal’ players from Arsenal Arsenal just take far too long trying to sign players. Wenger and the board need to pull their finger out and stop the usual dithering!!

  5. Wenger couldn’t make a decision if his life depended on it.

    Wenger out, Paul Lambert in please.

  6. Arsenal fans pls, u are the one to make the changes by refusing to watch the game since they use ur money to be riched.

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