Arsenal can expect even further competition in their attempt to sign star attacking midfielder Eden Hazard as Manchester City is now highly interested in his services as well.

According to a French newspaper, Mancini thinks highly of the player and was quoted saying:

“Hazard has an enormous level of talent and is able to play at the maximum level.

“But we know there is interest from the big European clubs and any deal will not be easy.”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has been tracking the Belgian star from last summer and he’s likely to go in with a good bid if hazard will be available to join. According to rumours, the youngster declared that he’d much rather join a club like Arsenal or Liverpool than Chelsea due to their amazing history.

If the rumour is right than City won’t be so appealing to Hazard despite their incredible form and the big players they currently have.

Wenger is going to try his luck with Eisfeld, but even if the young German proves his talent in the Gunners squad a player like Hazard could still be very important for Arsenal.

12 thoughts on “City Are Now In On Arsenal’s Hazard Deal

  1. he wont come, lets all be realistic, we’ll chase him all summer but eventually Chelsea or City will sign him…

  2. I am more then willing to believe that arsenal were never interested.

    I mean seriously, not 3 days ago our chief executive states that we do nt buy stars we make them! Wenger pulls of the buy to save our season and brings in Eisfeld (or what ever his name is)

    Come on, what on earth makes you think we were ever interested ?

    Have we ever gone for that type of player, paid that type of money or wages?

    Madness, by one of her definitions, is making a mistake and then continuing to make the same mistake … every summer we hope and hope only to get a chamakh or a park and we lose our star players!

    Wake up and stop thinking that hazard and co will be here because more than likely they will go to our rivals and we will lose van persie

  3. The only hazard we have a chance of signing is micky hazard the.old.spurs player. we are in decline and from the.board down to everyone is in denial. why else would fans pay for the most expensive.season tickets in the world whilst at the top.stash

  4. I have now lost all interest in Arsenal Football Club thanks largely to lethergic Mr Wenger and his pussy-footing always in the transfer market. I love his quotes always on the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Wanye Rooney, Yaya Toure, the list goes on, ‘I almost bought this player, that player almost became an Arsenal player…’ And my question is, And why and how did you lose them to the likes of ManU or Barca?’ He always comes up with these lines when a gem is discovered and snatched from under his large nose. Same will happen when Hazard or Goetze goes to another big team. Mark my words! The man has become a liability and our team is beaming with mediocre players on huge salaries. He must remember this is Arsenal Football club and NOT Ipswich!

  5. U guys killein arsenal fans every time becaues u guys u don wana to spend many so we can get one or tow wold class striker so we can win same thing we just buying smoll kides

  6. If you want to know who City will be signing in the summer ask Jose Mourinho, not Roberto Mancini. It seems inevitable to me, and has done for a few years, that Mourninho will end up at City. Mourinho likes to spend money, City need the best manager that money can buy and don’t have an image to protect so Mourinho is perfect for them. Judging by Mancinis’ post-match interview after the Everton game they’ve already told him to update his CV.

  7. If Mourinho does buy Hazard for his Man City team next season, which seems likely, where does that leave Samir Nasri ? They’ll have two better foreign wingers than him and some English wingers so will there be a spot for him in the squad ? No team other than PSG would pay his wages so perhaps he’d head back to France. The curse of Arsenal strikes again and Sami disappears into obscurity.

  8. Agreed with my fellow gooners. Hazard was never a possibility. The press invented the Arsenal hazard link. It never had substance

  9. It`s patently obvious that Arsenal fans have lost all faith in transfer rumours, they are just that `rumours` created to keep journalists employed.
    I`m expecting a win against Blackburn at the weekend and a justification from Wenger and the board for not spending on established players. All in favour say”aye!”.

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