Come on Mikel – When are Arsenal going to start winning?


When will the wins start happening?

Happy weekend Arsenal friends from around the world. Today, I want to just talk about Arsenal and when we are going to start winning our games. Ever since Arteta took charge of the team, we have seen some improvements in the way the team plays. We now play with passion, aggression and precision. This is a welcome development; but with just one win in six games, forgive me if I say I have not seen the change we were expecting, yet.

I know a lot of people will ask me to be patient with Arteta as the results will start flowing in soon. “Rome was not built in a day”; this is what people keep telling me when I ask why we have not yet started winning games. Why do we have a game under our control and then throw it away? We have played games where we are the team to open scoring, but just as the fans are getting prepared to dance the victory dance, Arsenal concedes an equalizer! This can be heartbreaking; especially when you have been bragging to other teams how Arteta was here to change the fortunes of Arsenal for good.

I have also noticed that with Arteta at the helm, we create little scoring opportunities. Probably due to him working hard to keep our defence tight or reducing the shots we concede, the team has not really created a lot of scoring chances. At the beginning of this season until when Arteta took over, our keeper had been the busiest goalkeeper in the league. But with Arteta in charge now, we have reduced the numbers of saves Leno has to make because the defenders now play with so much mental alertness. When we don’t concede cheap goals again, the attackers will be motivated to score more. Conceding fewer shots means conceding fewer goals, but how will that help our attack. Right from my early days of supporting Arsenal, I have always known Arsenal to be a strong attacking team that scores lots of goals; I wish Arteta can bring back that aspect of the team. We need to start creating more chances and to start converting them. When we do this, the wins will start coming.

Have you guys also noticed that our substitutes have not really made much impact in our games since when Arteta became coach? Maybe Arteta is still trying to get to know his players or something like that, but our subs have not been game changing subs so far.

In all honesty, Arteta has really impressed me with his approach to games but he seriously needs to start playing to win and make Arsenal fans forget totally about the past.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

2 thoughts on “Come on Mikel – When are Arsenal going to start winning?

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise turning tides of a sporting side is a process. If any of us thought Mikel would swish a magic wand and overnight our fortunes would change then the fault lies within our expectations. Personally I am amazed with the transformation in mentality and the level of application and grit shown by most players after Arteta took over. This process of coming back to winning ways will not be immediate or a linear curve. I expect this to be a Saw tooth curve. There will be bumps on the way. It is during these bumps the supporters maturity will be tested. I hope all fans stand by the team through this process.

  2. Behave yourself!! You have the expectancy of a child!!
    Arsenal are seriously moving in the right direction on and off the field,
    If the board would open that fat wallet and support him in this window for some serious players then it may happen quicker.But believe me it is going to happen anyway.

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