Coquelin comeback hands Arsenal key to Premier League title

The worst games of the season for Arsenal so far, ignoring the very predictable problems we had away to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, have come when we did not have the defensive midfield ability of French Gunner Francis Coquelin on the pitch.

But hopefully the Guuners will now be able to avoid results like the 3-0 reverse at Sheffield Wednesday and the limp loss away to Southampton, because Le Coq is back. There were some stats produced last week that showed that having the Frenchman in the middle saw Arsenal concede 50 percent fewer shots on goal and concede a lot less goals.

That defensive solidity is what our strong title challenge this season was based on and so to have him back is a huge boost to our chances of winning the EPL title in May. I very much doubt, for instance, that we would have let in that late goal against Liverpool or allowed Costa to ghost in last weekend if Le Coq was playing. Those extra three points would have seen us top right now but at least he is now back and that should see Arsenal go all the way, don’t you think?

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