Could Alexis Sanchez be Arsenal’s new striker?

Whilst we are all waiting to see how Arsenal moves next in our pursuit of a new incoming striker at the Emirates, Gunner’s legend Thierry Henry has raised a very good question as to whether we already have a capable striker at the club, just under a new formation.

Henry had his say on the matter in his latest media piece and he was quick to suggest that perhaps Arsenal’s very own Alexis Sanchez could be the man to partner Olivier Giroud up front, in what would be a big formation change for the Gunners. Henry: said: ‘You can see that (Olivier) Giroud becomes a better player when he has people around him. Look how he played for France with Antoine Griezmann. He is very good when he can flick and hold up play – his link-up play is second to none – but he needs players around him making runs behind him. When I see Sanchez play for Chile, he is up front, free. Not on the left, not on the right. That might be something. If Alexis can be used in and around Giroud, instead of being wide, both of them will benefit from that.’

Henry makes a good point about how Giroud looked like a more complete forward not having the pressure of playing as a lone striker, as he had the support from other forward men in the French national team. Sanchez also plays the striker role for Chile and has proven to be very effective in that position in recent Copa America’s and the 2014 World Cup. With that in mind, I’m sure he’d have no real problems adjusting to a new role in the Premier League. If Wenger was to buy another forward to play alongside Giroud rather than to use Sanchez, then it needs to be someone with pace and someone who can create as well as be the all important goalscorer. Perhaps we should just sign Antoine Griezmann, right Thierry? Oh we can wish!

In all seriousness Henry does make a good point on the matter and perhaps if Arsenal don’t manage to secure a world class striker this summer, then maybe Arsene Wenger should look into utilising Sanchez as a striker alongside Giroud. The only real issue with that however is that we then severely lack in quality on the wings, or if the formation would have to change completely in order to play two strikers on the pitch.

With two strikers up front, it’s likely that the wingers would be lost, but then Ozil has to remain as a number ’10’ or Central Attacking Midfielder, rather than be pushed out to an unfavourable mid-wing position. This means that the entire formation may have to change to utilise Sanchez as a striker and would that mean that Arsenal’s transfer targets would have to change accordingly?

The thought of Sanchez and Giroud up top certainly raises a lot of questions for Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger to think about tactically, but is it something that could work out for The Gunners?

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2 thoughts on “Could Alexis Sanchez be Arsenal’s new striker?

  1. Alexis thrived in the middle in the first season when Ozil was largely out injured. My thought then was that Wenger did not need to push him wide. But an opening had to be created for Ozil to operate as a No. 10. The dilemma in my mind was what do I do to accommodate both Ozil and Alexis right behind the lead striker! This would come with a slight shake up in the formation. Assigning both the task to work with freedom in the middle allowing Alexis to often drop a little when the team is under attack and also to initiate attack, while Ozil does the killer passes. In this well calculated effort I would authorise Ozil to run freely across the field after the halfway line while Alexis drops deep to pick balls and run directly towards the opponent’s box. In short Ozil would reign supreme in the last half that is: from touchline to touch line (horizontally) while Alexis would do the vertical domineering. Emphasis being that Alexis should always be near the opponent’s box and behind a lead striker.
    That is how people who want to win think.

  2. It is clear that Arsenal must find a winning formula that will make use of the opportunities and players available in the camp to the best possible balanced formation that can stand against a tough season in the EPL. We are already aware that we may miss key personnel in the first two matches that will be critical.
    The pattern below involves getting the most goals, defending strongly and utilizing the talents within the squad. Pattern 5.3.2. below is the first XI in the pattern.


    The team to start of the season following the Euro 2016 and COPA America Tournaments fatigues and Injuries. The team below should be able to dispatch both Liverpool and Leicester City.

    ————–Higuain-Van Persie—————-

    I know, I know …The traitor returns! Yes, there is a case that we will lose Giroud to get Higuain and to fund such changes we may have to let go even other players. I would rather have Van Persie and get rid of Walcott. When Sanchez returns Van Persie will be demoted to the bench. If we can’t get Van Persie (After all we forgave Flamini too) then players like Abel Hernandez or Andre Gray from the championship would relish the opportunity and both being aged 25 would love to understudy and eventually replace Higuain. All the players can be bought at varied costs below 10Million and have scored over 20 goals in the past season. Van Persie had 22, Gray had 25 and Hernandez had 21.

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