Could Anybody Judge RVP If He’d Leave Arsenal?

Lately the newspapers have been booming with all sorts of information linking Arsenal’s star Robin Van Persie with moves to many different places around Europe, largely speaking about the possibility of him joining Real Madrid or Barcelona.

According to the same publications the Dutchman was highly wanted at Real Madrid last summer but with Benzema and Higuain in the attack Mourinho just couldn’t fit Robin as well.

Barcelona’s officials just infirmed the interest in Robin saying:

“Nothing exists with RVP,” explained Bartomeu after Saturday’s 2-1 win over Real Sociedad.

“It’s rumours that appear in the papers. We’ve not contacted Arsenal, nor his agent.

“Our focus is now on the Liga and Copa del Rey.

“It’s necessary to be focused on the task at hand and not be distracted by the transfer market.”

Now, would you judge Robin if he’d leave? He still has a contract with the Gunners till the summer of 2012 and will probably be tempted to extend that given the tremendous time he currently has there, but if he wouldn’t would you judge the guy?

He’s now 28 and hasn’t won a trophy for a very long time now, so why judge the guy if he would accept to leave, especially having seen how Fabregas started winning trophies literally within the first few games after he joined Barcelona?

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12 thoughts on “Could Anybody Judge RVP If He’d Leave Arsenal?

  1. The only answer is “No. I certainly would not blame him”. Who would? With the talent he has playing for a team and organization with absolutely no ambition?

  2. sorry but arsenal showed great patience over the last six seasons with RVP and his consistent injuries so i feel he owes the club more than one great season. its time he repaid the faith shown to him by the club by signing an extension.

    1. I do agree with you. I personally will be crossed of he leaves without signing a new contract. What has he really achieved in arsenal”s colours, nothing? He was injuried most times that he had being here. And playing for 1.5 seasons richly blessed with goals does not erase the past years that we suffered without him. We endured, & Arsene as usual had patience.

  3. To be honest I WOULD be slightl pi*sed off if RVP decided to leave in the summer. Yes he’s been great this season and YES he deserves to win something but so does Arsenal, the club who have stood by him through every single injury he’s sustained. We deserve the loyalty back that we’ve shown him over the years. He has one full season to show us what it’s like for him to not get injured, scores a goal per game and then decides to do one? i could understand it if he wants to leave but I think he owes us a little bit more than that. Hopefully Wenger can see the danger and bring in some world class players to supplement our captain. We only need 2-3 players…

  4. Like 49Unbeaten states, as a fan I’d be pissed if he left too . If I was in in shoes I’d be 50/50 because I would trust the team to bring me some help, but because I know one seems to help and its like that every year I’d leave.

  5. Definitely , I would be put out if he decides to leave. This is in spite of the fact that I know that he club has refused to match his ambitions, just like they have bone over a great number of years. The thing is, we support the Arsenal and we do not want our best players to leave. Rather we deserve a management that builds on what we have got. That is what we have not got.

  6. I agree with the comment above, I will be cranky if he leaves, there is more to life than just winning. Show some loyalty and help turn a non winning team into one. If he goes to barca and wins does it prove anything to himself? They have been winning without him. Shearer never won anything but is so respected and admired for staying with Newc

    1. Shearer did win the league with Blackburn Rovers. He was with them between 1992 to 1996. Blackburn won the league on the 1994-1995 seaqson

  7. If there is any truth in the Walcott deal and with the emergence of Oxlaid-Chamberlain I think van Persie will be inclinded to stay at Arsenal.

  8. Arsenal should for extend contract bcos we lose van persie we lose everytin in arsenal,let van sign 2 year contract,arsenal offical should leave finacial aspect and leave robin van persie, i robin v p

  9. Personally, I would understand if he leaves…it will be because of frustration and not the money like Le Cunt (Nasri)…you feel he’s doing all he can for the club, but……….

  10. No no nooo……..RVP would be very right to leave becoz wenger has no vision for the cluib other than making money

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