According to Llorente’s representative, Carlos Arino Bajo, the Spanish star is likely to end up playing in the Premiership, and will reach a decision shorty. The Spaniard seems to have quite a few teams on his tail, but the agent only shed light on a couple, saying that a club from Manchester and one for London have reached the final in Llorente’s decision-making.

While it’s easy to figure out which Manchester Club wants him, given the fact that United just brought in two strikers this summer and won’t be looking to add another, it’s difficult to pinpoint which London club are closer to get him, Llorente being liked with Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal during this summer.

“Tomorrow [Wednesday] Llorente will speak to his destination,” Arino Bajo told the Daily Telegraph. “It is very, very possible he will decide to go to the Premier League.

“I don’t know the [choice of] club at the moment but there are two [interested] clubs. One is in London, and one is in Manchester.”

After losing Van Persie, despite the fact that Giroud and Podolski were brought in, Arsene Wenger could still do with a striker , especially one with Llorente’s abilities.

16 thoughts on “Could Arsenal Land Llorente?

  1. We need more physical pressence m’villa an put a cheeky bid in for fernando Torres lol I think we should also buy sakho then were good to go .

    1. Yea, but would Llorente want to be second fiddle to Torres after years of the same in the Spanish squad and not being played ahead of him after an amazing season when Torres only had one game for Chelsea in Camp Nou.
      Same goes for Man City, even now they have got rid of Adebayor he would still have lots of competition from Aguero, Balotelli and Dzeko.
      I think Groud is good enough for Arsenal this season, but Llorente must be thinking that he will be the easiest to take a starting spot from seeing as he has not yet claimed it. If Arsenal got him it would remove all doubt of us being able to challenge for trophies and unite Arsenal fans behind the team. Plus with the new TV deals there is not really a strong financial incentive not to from Arsenal. But still I would be very supprised to see him come our way.

  2. Arsenal has completed the signing of Sahin from Real Madrid with a buy out clause of 14m£

  3. We could really do with Llorente, but i can’t see him coming to Arsenal, he’s leaving bilbao to get trophies so he says, we just had two players leave because they want trophies why the hell would he come to us? 2 steps forward and 1 step back 😀 super counter productive, he’ll be going man city if anything, but personally i believe who ever is saying this is just saying this to make juve raise their bid, they want more money, why not lie about prem club’s being interested huh? 😉

  4. That tells us nothing… It was always going to be a club in either manchester or london… my guess would be city or chelsea

    Would love it to be arsenal … but it is one of those, heart screaming yes, head maturely shaking his head and chuckling to himself at the hearts stupidity.

    Chelsea are looking to buy a striker, rumours saying Hulk, but with the buy out clause Llorente is cheaper and just as good if not better. City might panic and get someone in because Augero* is injured … maybe they are mad they missed out on Van persie and now they have gotten rid of adebarndoor

    Either way they are more probable then him coming to arsenal

  5. He’ll end up at Chelsea. His actual name is Fernando Llorente Torres so Chelsea would have two Fernando Torres’. They are the only English CL team that can offer him first team football.

  6. hmmmm dis london club can be arsenal, bcos mr wenger does his things secreetly until it is finalised or almost to be finalised so i wil be glad to see him don the Gunners shirt. UP GUUUUNNNNNERSSSSSS

  7. For now,I think we’re getting set for the season proper.
    After a very long time in the history of the club,this is the first time that Arsenal is getting busy in the transfer market. They should please bring in one Defensive Mid-fielder either Tiote or M’villa to tighten the midfield.
    Issue of striker shouldn’t be the teams problem,if the Offensive Midfielder’s and Defensive Midfielder’s work smoothly wingers or anybody upfront could score.
    Gunners till I fade off.

  8. wenger should just land the duo of sahin or m.villa and llorente if arsenal want to contest for trophies this season. WE HAVE THE MONEY, WENGER LETS BUY!

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