Could Del Piero be Arsenal’s new Thierry Henry?


It seems that after 19 years as a Juventus player, Alessandro Del Piero is ready for a new challenge. The 37-year old striker has hinted strongly that he is looking for pastures new by saying “My experience here has been wonderful, with great happiness and enthusiasm. Embracing my team mates (after clinching the title), and in all the games, whether I played or not. It was a little strange but right now I only want to smile.”

The Italian star, who has scored 289 goals for the Turin club, feels he still has a lot to offer and is keen to spread his wings beyond Italy. It is reported by Talksport that QPR would also be interested in Del Piero but would not be able to offer him European football. Arsenal, barring a disaster, will play in the Champion’s league next season and Del Piero’s experience could be invaluable.

He would probably be used sparingly by Arsene Wenger but could prove to be brilliant as an impact player in key games, just as Thierry Henry was in January. Del Piero has one more game to play after his role in the game which saw Juventus win the Italian league. “In a few days we face the Coppa Italia final, then there will be the time and place to talk about the rest.”

Could Del Piero pass on his invaluable experience to Arsenal youngsters?

2 thoughts on “Could Del Piero be Arsenal’s new Thierry Henry?

  1. That signing will never take place by Arsenal standard. We need younger players. It is just another sensation by the press.

  2. You have any idea how much Juve pays Del? Unless he’s willing to take a huge pay cut I don’t see it happening and even if he did we’d still be paying him a good 60-70k a week for a player who is only good for a handful of games and can’t play for 90 minutes.

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