Could Wenger be managing France at the next World Cup?

Wenger on France’s radar?

Since the end of the season Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, has been quite coy on the speculation surrounding his future at the club. Although many fans had wanted Le Prof out of Arsenal last season, it seems the majority have again warmed to him since the signing of Granit Xhaka.

When speculation surrounding his future was at it’s highest point, Wenger did comment to say that he isn’t sure of how much longer his managerial association with Arsenal will last, with as early as the end of next season being a possibly departure date for the Frenchman. With his contract up at the end of next season and there yet to be any committal to a new deal, it starts to spread rumours that next year could be his last.

Wenger has been linked with many many clubs during his twenty year reign over the Gunners, including the likes of Real Madrid and AC Milan. However, Le Prof has remained loyal to Arsenal through the toughest of transition periods for the club, which just shows the respect that he should rightful gain from fans and players alike. But now media reports in his native homeland France, could suggest that he is lining up a position with the international team.

Wenger said: “I am getting a bit old now to make long term plans. For the moment I am a club manager, we shall see what happens.”

Wenger has left a sense of ambiguity around the subject, and it raises the question could Wenger be leading France out at the 2018 World Cup?

To sign a deal with the French national team would make sense in a way of ending his managerial career, because like he said, he isn’t getting any younger and is fully expected to move away from the professional game in the coming seasons. It is a fact that managing a national team is a lot less stressful and takes much less of your time that club managership, so you could see the appeal for Wenger as he gets older and weaker. However I would much prefer if Wenger was to move upstairs at Arsenal after his managerial position comes to an end. This is because I am sure that there is a position on the the board just waiting for him. Wenger has a wealth of knowledge that can help this club continue to improve, especially in finances and for the long-term future.

This is why the opinion of some is that his knowledge is more directed towards business rather than football tactics nowadays, and so he could definitely have a board role set up for him in the near future. But the reason question is will Wenger choose to finish his career on the international stage instead?

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