Jack Wilshere has commented on the reports of Wayne Rooney being linked with Arsenal. He basically said that he would love for Rooney to come to Arsenal and believes it would be a major boost to the squad for next season.

Having an important player like Wilshere comment on things like this can only add to the likelihood that something will happen as you don’t see players from clubs talking about everybody who is linked with them. Just the sheer fact that any Arsenal player has spoken about Rooney makes it all the more realistic and possible.

He said “If it happens it will be amazing, he’s the type of player who can win you trophies – and just to see his name on the team sheet can bring fear to the opposition. We could do with a little more of that.”

He also spoke in a similar way about Gonzalo Higuain who seems to be closer to a move than Rooney. He thinks that Arsenal need to match clubs like Manchester United in quality and depth once again to start winning trophies once again.

Wilshere and Rooney have a fairly close relationship from their time playing for England. If Rooney does make a move, having Wilshere in the team already will only benefit them both. With Theo Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain as well, the large England contingent could help to sway Rooney’s decision.

Of course the transfer window has only been open for one day and it is still totally unclear who will be making moves where. Arsenal already signed Yaya Sanogo and appear to have made a bid for Lars Bender. I don’t think the club would move for Rooney if they had signed Sanogo and Higuain, maybe Rooney is the fall back option if a deal can’t be agreed for Higuain.

Wilshere would love to see Rooney at the club and I’m sure most other people would too. We will just have to wait patiently for the next two months and see how the transfer window plays out.

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