Debate – Could Abou Diaby still become a star for Arsenal?


Tall, athletic, pace, dynamic, finisher. The same few words that come to every Arsenal fans’ mind whenever Abou Diaby is being mentioned. Abou has long been seen as a midfielder with talent and strength. Whenever he is on the field wearing an Arsenal shirt, he has played up to decent standards and would always prove himself worthy for a spot in the team. He is dynamic and fearless when it comes to the football pitch. That is the reason why Arsene has decided to stick with him despite all his injuries over the years.

In 8 years with the club, Abou Diaby has had near to 40 injuries in total. Calling him injury-prone would actually be a severe understatement. It is almost like he is never part of the team.

Nevertheless, Diaby is a man of great determination and belief. The fact that he still has not given up despite the number of injuries he has faced is admirable. Many still believe in Diaby, believing that he would one day be amongst the best in the footballing world.

However, many forget that Diaby is already 28. He is into the important years of his career and this is the time he needs to be playing games. Staying at Arsenal may not be the best option for him due to our huge array of talents in midfield. Also, the management may find it pointless to keep paying him wages if he continues his injury spree.

Should we keep Diaby or let him go? Share your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Debate – Could Abou Diaby still become a star for Arsenal?

  1. Abou is always in danger and is brave in the field so I think he deserves consideration to push his carreers at Arsenal so that in two years could in thirties so we will know where to place him in on or out.
    However he has tough case to proof at Arsenal. I really want fans be patient to give a chance am sure he is reay to offer Arsenal a lot good in return for the patient the club saw.
    Good luck Jabbi
    Thanks fans

  2. Always been a good player for us but all we do is keep looking at our watches and wonder if this is the longest he has remained uninjured. Diaby is a testement to Wenger being a much better guy than I am, he has remained patient with Diaby for years like he did with Van Persie. I believe Diaby will go to Man City or Chelsea if he managed to stay uninjured all season and score 30+ goals. It’s what I expect from him. Rosicky has remained loyal and never held the club to ransom, played better than ever after he passed 30 years old. Adebayor had a good season, Song had one, Nasri had one, Van Persie had one and off they all went after holding Arsenal to ransom. Walcott did it too and got his deal. Another loyal trooper like Rosicky was Sagna and Gilberto Silva who both left with the blessing of the fans. Cesc left too with our understanding and respect. Diaby I do not trust an inch. He is going to crap on Arsenal as a reward for all the loyalty the club showed him – I would have released and replaced him with a player who can manage more than 3 games per season.

  3. @Arsenal 1 again,
    Your last sentence is typical of anti-Diaby ignorance.
    Do you know him personally not to trust him?
    And what evidence is there to suggest he will leave Arsenal when it suits him?
    After all the injuries he has suffered over the years IN THE SERVICE OF ARSENAL, remember, he has never given up and has always fought back as best he could (with the aid of the Club’s medicos and the confidence of Arsene Wenger).
    At a crucial time like this at the start of a new season, we have no need whatsoever of so-called supporters like you, full of bile and defeatist views. You have every right not to regard Diaby’s future performance with confidence but there is no justification for the personal attack on him which was disgraceful.

  4. I will rather advise he stays up a season to see what stuff he is made of, really abou has been an hardworking Gunner and his potential is still unedr-siege by plaquiing injuries, so let us give him this last season for a TRIAL.

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