Diaby limps into last chance saloon for Arsenal (with Picture)

diaby off crutches
I know that plenty of Arsenal fans will be thinking that Abou Diaby has been given more than his fair share of chances by Arsene Wenger, but it must be at least as frustrating for the French midfielder as it is for us Gooners. But he is on the road to recovery again and has tweeted this picture of himself without his crutches, as his rehabilitation is progressing well and moving forward.

This must be the last chance for Diaby to resurrect his Arsenal career and his international future with France. He will not be ready until around the end of the year, even if everything goes well, but this must not be rushed. It seems that he has always been rushed back and this has contributed to his next problem. He must be eased back in to give him the best possible chance, because we all know that he could be fantastic for us if he can just stay fit.

We are all hoping and expecting Wenger to sign a new midfielder this summer to cover for Diaby, with Marouane Fellaini looking the most likely according to the media. Whether it is Fellaini or somebody else, they will take the prssure off Diaby’s comeback and we could actually get a few good years out of the player who so nearly filled the boots of Patrick Vieira. Fingers crossed.

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7 thoughts on “Diaby limps into last chance saloon for Arsenal (with Picture)

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Hope we can see him recover and contribute consistently for the rest of his career.

  1. What message would it give to future signings if an injured player is cut loose instead of having the club stood by them? I wouldn’t like knowing a malicious rival player, a thug, in the next game can end my Arsenal relationship when it’s no fault of mine.

    This is what people should think about.

  2. Looks like he’s sitting on a toilet in that pic.
    I hope he doesn’t do a van Persie, have one good season free from injury then bugger off to Barca or wherever.

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