Djourou set to partner Koscielny against Liverpool?


Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is extremely angry at the Belgium national squad manager and representatives after they used Vermaelen for the whole 90 minutes in the midweek match despite knowing that he’s injured and needs to rest.

“It looks like Belgium has made a decision which I still do not understand and will look to see if we can put a complaint in, because firstly they forced the player to travel, then they forced him to play 90 minutes after being injured.

“They had a centre-back on the bench who did not play at all, in a friendly game knowing they do not even go to the European Championships. For me, that is difficult to understand.”

Arsene was also angry on Bert van Marwijk, the Netherlands national team manager for “breaking” his captain when Robin Van Persie had to cut a training session short, but it proved that the striker is good to go for the Liverpool game.

Vermaelen is still under suspicion of being unavailable and if he won’t be able to play Wenger is in for some big problems because Mertesacker is still not ready to play and will be out for most of the season. It would seem that Wenger may have no choice but to partner Djourou with Koscielny as the only two recognised centre-backs left in the squad.
What other choice does Wenger have?

15 thoughts on “Djourou set to partner Koscielny against Liverpool?

  1. Doubtful as Djourou is already been declared unfit for Liverpool and Milan. So it’ll have to be either vermalean, squillaci or michel. Even song is a doubt so he can’t play there unless he gets declared fit. Worrying times

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Wenger on Djourou – “He is not far. He could be OK for Milan maybe.”)

  2. Im kinda optimistic dat verm ll play,he is very much needed n he knws. abt d useless FA board,i reserve ma comment.

    1. Ok but who then plays in ‘ defensive ‘ midfield … or anywhere in midfield ! We are very short (again).

  3. I prefer Song in central defence, he’s our most solid option. We have good players who can play DM.

    Jenkinson hasn’t been tested at centre-half and DM, but I’ve heard he can play those positions. We know Frimpong can do a good job as DM and so can Francis Coquelin, so put one there and move Sing into defence.

  4. i dont like djourou..he is not ready for the arsenal 1st 11…he is not good enought to pay for in the big game..i prefer song to play alongside koscielny, sagna and gibbs…djourou mean disaster,,,

  5. Counting on djourou in the CB role is like adding a 12th man in Lpool starting X1.he’s such goose.i wud rather move song up there and give jenkins DM role becoz i understand he can play there too.

  6. What i would like to say is that if (the player against arsenal is going to play today) i am sure that arsenal is going to take at least 4 goals so easily .It is better if coquelin plays today rather than the one who is still at dream solider (Djourou) and also please song hand of Arsenal help as today you are the root of the club, even animals they wont to see your game , you are very very dangerous player even v.persie is feeding from you , i am sure that with you he will not scored a such …….

    1. always before Arsenal played i know that , if it is going to won or not, that means just after the game started for about 5 minutes , i am from ERITREA the honest land from Africa.At any time if you like to know which one is going to won you can call me i am free at any time …. tel nb 07335759 …..

  7. Playin djourou in CB is lik awardin liverpool 4 penalties in 3 mins …pls rily don’t knw wat wenger saw nd is stil seein in him…he should be sold in d summer he is not fit 2 wear the arsenal jersey….he doesn’t learn frm his mistakes he gives confidence to attackers he is just a waste of ……

  8. i’m seein tins… Re u all gonner fans?coquelin,frimmers nd djourou re injurd… Dias no way dey wil play. Mr eritera vodoo priest,u mk me laff… So u knw d outcum of a match five mins into d game?vewi funny… Mr writer pls get ur facts straight b4 writing

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