Do Arsenal only play when under pressure?


Arsene Wenger was a bit overconfident in his pre-Wigan statements saying that he feels like he already won. That’s not a bad thing but not entirely a good one either. The players need to be more focused and motivated than they were against Fulham last week, and judging by the last few years Arsenal seems to react better when they are under pressure.

“I believe we have won already at Wigan, and that is what we want to achieve again. We were a bit under pressure last time to win, but Charles N’Zogbia was always on fire against us.”, said Wenger

“I believe it has always been a committed game, always been a good game.”

“They play football. You look at the number of passes – they try to pass the ball out from the back, they try to play the Spanish way.”

“We do not want to drop points. Wigan are a good team, they are at home and they are a dangerous side. I think last year was a bit special but I think they always had good players in the last three or four years.”

“Many of them have gone now but they always have good players. They have replaced them again this season and they now look like they are coming back with a bit more confidence.”

“They will be a good opposition again. For us we just need to focus on our performance and try to win the game.”

Wenger should stop thinking about the fact that they are up against a weaker opponent and should start thinking about the fact that they are in the 7th place in the league and that’s painful any way you look at it. It would be a shame to let the good run Arsenal was in before the Fulham game to go to waste so a win against Wigan is mandatory.

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