Arsenal’s latest addition Olivier Giroud had declared that missing the most important chance at goal in the game against Sunderland won’t be on his mind for too long, because he is certain to become a top scorer for the Gunners.

Giroud’s chance could have won the game for Arsenal, and it caused people to remain sad over the loss of Robin Van Persie.

The fact is that, we have to admit, both Podolski and Giroud played a good game. Their presence in the box, especially Giroud’s, were major for the Gunners and there’s no reason not to believe that the both of them will become top players for the club.

“It was a game ball, but the coach told me that I had not to worry about it,” said Giroud. “This could have been the dream start, but in Montpellier, I did not score for my first game, so I am not worried. Here, I will have plenty of chances and I will score.”

“Last season was wonderful here for Robin, but before that, he took time to settle.

“I am just asking people to be a little patient with me.

“I am not here to make people forget Robin, because he has made beautiful things here, but I just want to bring something new.

“However, I am under no more pressure than that, because if I think about that when I go onto the field, I will play with the handbrake on.

“I know Arsenal is a great club and needs a striker ready and efficient quickly.

“I need games to get confidence, and it is up to me to succeed.”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has to face the problem of replacing Song. He has admitted after the game against Sunderland that not the finishing was faulty in the game, but the build-up play, and I couldn’t agree more on that. The Frenchman must focus on bringing talent to the midfield, because given enough chances, the attack will certainly strike.

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  1. Good article and I agree that the amount of critism and negativity towards Giroud and the team as a whole is mostly undeserved (at least for Giroud). The finishing wasn’t the problem in that match it was the build up play. Yes Giroud missed a chance that mostly likely would have won us the game but there should have been a lot more quality chances created so that it all didn’t come down to one missed chance. If the build up had been more precise and quick then I think we could have turned some of those half chances into actual quality chances.

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