Does FA cup win really mean Arsenal must stick with Wenger?


It was always going to be a big result one way of the other for Arsenal, with the awful results in 2017 in both Premier League and Champions League meaning that the FA cup was the only chance of a trophy still open to Arsenal. A defeat in yesterday’s semi-final clash with Man City would surely have seen all the Wenger Out banners back in force, but does the win really mean they will stop, or that we should now be confident about the Frenchman staying in charge?

According to a very good article in The Mirror it means exactly that, but not because of the result as much as the manner in which it was achieved. The writer points to the effort given by all the Gunners at Wembley throughout, with a special mention given to Mesut Ozil who has often been accused of going missing or not giving his all.

The suggestion recently was that Wenger could not get his players to play their hearts out for him but this FA cup win said different. It also answered another big question about Arsene, the one about his stubborn sticking to one style of play and not having a plan B, as the new three at the back formation was used again.

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