The loyalty of Tomas Rosicky has never been a question. Signed from Dortmund in the summer of 2006, Rosicky has been one of Arsenal’s most shrewd signing of all time. Rosicky’s style of play is what represent’s Arsenal in a nutshell. Fearless, unselfish, quick, the little Mozart has given Arsenal many goals to remember. His goals against Sunderland, Hamburg and the brace against Liverpool is just Tomas Rosicky at his best. When everybody left, he stayed with the club. He was finally rewarded last season with the FA cup triumph.

Arsenal have unlimited options in midfield. Ozil, Ramsey, Santi, Wilshere and Arteta are amongst the best of what we have at the moment. Not to mention that Arsenal are also currently in the market for another defensive midfielder. Rosicky’s place and involvement in team could be very limited from now.

Nevertheless, I still believe that Tomas Rosicky has what it takes to compete for spots in the team. His footballing brain, selflessness and quick burst of pace may just be what we need off the bench if we are chasing a game. Despite the many injuries, Arsene has decided to keep faith in Rosicky. Thus, I believe he must have something that we do not know about. He could be a very vital piece to us considering that we are looking to launch a serious assault on the premier league, but I fear he will only get a game when our usual injury list gets out of hand.

Is Rosicky’s presence still vital in the team?

3 thoughts on “Does Rosicky still have a place in the Arsenal team?

  1. People seem to forget that we take part in 4 major competitions each season. He will get games. He may not be first choice for the prem games or even champions league games he can be first choice in the fa cup and the carling cup and get the substitute and odd starts along the way. ITS A LONG SEASON WE NEED TO HAVE A LARGE SQUAD. Injuries, suspensions, fatigue and tactical reasons will see him play his role in the arsenal squad. Every time we sign some1 we hear oh no where will so and so play? If we don’t sign anyone the amount of games and injuries come up.

  2. A big yes rosicky is quality and his attitude a joy and example to everyone in the squad …. Attitude wish he is the bar set for everyone keep me. I would like carzola go myself good player but if the money is right at his age then it had to happen IMO

  3. Rosicky for you would play. He may though not get beyond 60% of play time but will definitely play.
    Forget not his skills, energy and on-pitch leadership he’s provided anytime he was called upon which he hasnt diissapointed us.

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