DONE DEAL as Arsenal boss confirms striker signing

With Yaya Sanogo still not due to return to action for Arsenal from his hamstring injury until after the international break, Arsene Wenger is keeping his fingers crossed that nothing happens to Danny Welbeck. In fact, the young French striker is a very raw gem that still needs a lot of polishing, so the centre forward position is still a bit light for the Gunners.

As long as Welbeck can stay fit foe the next few months though, we will then have two good options to choose from, with the France international Olivier Giroud due to make his comeback from that freak tibia injury picked up right at the end of the Everton game.

They do say that you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it and that seems to be the case with Giroud. Arsenal fans and media pundits are now seeing what the big centre forward brought to the team and perhaps appreciating him a lot more. And we will have another two years to appreciate him as well, after Wenger confirmed, as reported by The Independent, that the club were on the verge of completing a contract extension that will see the newly turned 28-year old remain with Arsenal until 2018.

The manager said, “It is done. We will complete it.”

Whether this means that the Gunners will not be looking for any more striking options in January or next summer, we will have to wait and see, but I think it is good news. And it will definitely help Giroud, as his new £80,000 a week deal proves that his manager has faith in him and his importance to the Arsenal cause.

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  1. Please Winger just talk to your players that all the three points is the main important thing for this game, I trust you so much, I know you will do your best.

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