Dutch legend tells Van Persie to blackmail Arsenal to “spend big money”


The former Netherlands manager Marco Van Basten has advised the Arsenal skipper Robin Van Persie to only sign his contract extension with the Gunners if top players will be brought in the club come the summer.

The Dutch striker still has a contract with the Gunners till 2013, but according to Van Basten he shouldn’t sign an extension if star players who can win trophies are going to be brought at the club.

“Arsenal have a few guys behind the scenes who really do want to spend big money on players.

“So far the club have not wanted to give in to these guys. But there comes a point when a player like Robin can say if that remains the philosophy of the club, then he’ll have to move on.

“I really do know that a few guys have loads of money. How do I know this? I meet people in football.

“There is a logical reason for Robin to leave if he wants to win trophies. But he can turn round to the board and the manager and say: ‘Look, I enjoy life here at Arsenal. Why would I leave? But you have to make new signings.’

“If I was Robin, I’d tell the club he wants to win things with Arsenal. And he can also say, ‘If you – the board and the management – cannot fulfil my ambitions, I will have to go.”

“Robin must get the feeling Arsenal will have a squad this summer which can compete with the best teams in England and Europe. They cannot turn around and tell him they are selling the best players, like last summer.

“They have a gem like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but at the top of ¬European football you also need ¬experience.
“So they need a few players of more maturity – and then you can get Robin to stay.”

If we have a look at things from a general point of view rather than a fan’s point of view, Van Basten has a point.

Robin is a top player and it’s a shame for him to waste his talent fighting for a Big Four spot in the Premiership when he can fight for a title, or several titles. And we’ve said it several times before that this would be the best strategy for Wenger to keep Robin. Transfer a few top players in the summer and the Dutchman is certain to extend his contract immediately.

10 thoughts on “Dutch legend tells Van Persie to blackmail Arsenal to “spend big money”

  1. :(van persie is one of d best player in d world, which we all no. To me i luv him to remain in d club becas his football will creat progress for arsenal in a short time. I want him to no that faith will always take one to d promise land. Tans.

  2. We need to expand his wage to ward off man city. 200k a week plus some great talent should not only please rvp, but all us supporters. It’s time we won something.

  3. RVP the MVP remains a gunner till you RIP…lol Robin is the main man give him all he could have ask for….gunners till my last breath

  4. Very correct and realistic. I rate RvP;s play like that of Marco Van Basten. For me RvP is the new van Basten and this sure think alike.

    I strongly believe that Wenger is already trying to rebuild the squad with the rumors of Poldoski signing, Rosicky’s contract extension. I believe 3 other top players but not overly expensive will come into the squad by summer.

  5. That is better said by Van Basten.The dream of every player is to win a trophy and have several of them but if it is just play and win nothing at the end of every season and especially over seven seasons with no trophy and with a big club like Arsenal then that player will be selfless but mere football failure.

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