Eden Hazard to reveal new club by June 2nd – Are Arsenal Still In The Chase?


Negotiations over the sale of Eden Hazard seem to be continuing, but nobody knows anymore whether Arsenal are still in the fight for the Belgian international or not.

All we can say at the moment is that three teams are battling it out for Hazard, but unfortunately for the Gunners, despite Wenger’s huge interest in him, it seems that those three clubs are City, United and Chelsea, although no-one knows for sure.

Hazard’s agent John Bico stated that it’s only a matter of time until the switch will be made, but didn’t shed any light on to where the player’s destination might be.

“We are no longer in the negotiations stage” Bico said. “We have reached agreement with all parties. There will be no higher bid.

“Eden has already said he wants it to be fixed before June 2. He will decide after the games against Montenegro and England, then go on holiday with peace of mind.”

Hazard himself made this comment about the Champions League entry being necessary, which at least rules out a move to White Hart Lane: “Chelsea makes you hesitate. They’ve won the Champions League and they’ll be in it next season.”

“It’s important for me to play in that competition. Chelsea are a great team with great players. Of course it’s a possibility.

“For now nothing’s been decided but it will be soon. Now I want to join up with the national team and then go on holiday. It’ll do me a lot of good.

Arsene Wenger was following a few attacking midfielders, but Hazard looked to be the best of them. Do you think that Arsenal are still in the race for a possible chance to get the player’s signature?

10 thoughts on “Eden Hazard to reveal new club by June 2nd – Are Arsenal Still In The Chase?

  1. i don’t think we are still in the chase unless he decided that he only gonna sign for arsenal then we can negotiate a fee, right now his club wants a big fee and his pimp, i mean his agent wants a big cut. i am not sure arsene wenger likes that kind of deal. he’s probably going to the highest bidder which is obviously not arsenal.

  2. The report on the news said it was 3 teams after his signature Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea for winning the champions league… Nothing about Arsenal, but never say never. Regardless I would love to have Hazard the player in a Gunners shirt next season if we could pull this off and he would definitely make the team stronger as a better option than most of what we have now…

  3. Is there any thing bad if arsenal sign him for 25Milion? why calling Arsenal a big club then? Please sign him whatever amount and chanllenge for silverware next season

  4. In the real world I doubt we will get him. We can’t buy at any cost but to be frank that isn’t the only measure of a big team. Not being able to spend big doesn’t show lack of ambition, we have to live in the real world. If we made the losses man city did last season we would go bust. Live within our means! Besides, am I the only one who thinks this hazard deal is turning into pantomime? He’s in the press nearly everyday! Just make your mind up or keep quiet!

  5. The Lille manager is the one who states 4 teams are in for him and the news of a £32-35m bid by us could even be true.
    We can’t compete with the weekly wages the other three clubs can offer – so no chance.

  6. Arsenal dont need the likes of him! Mark my word, this guy’s gonna be a big flop in the EPL.

  7. He’s going for play time and team importance, as he has stated multiple times. Another requirement is Champions League participation.
    No way he’s going to choose a 50% bench-sitting transfer for double the wage (possibly City, depending their transfers) over 90% certainty of being used almost every game in his favorite position (possible Wenger has this idea).
    This guy is going for being the new best football player in the world, not the best paid one. If Arsenal has indeed reached agreement with Lille, joining Mancunians and Chelsea, I believe they have as big a chance of getting him as any of them…

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