Even NLD win won’t stop Arsenal finishing behind Tottenham


If the Arsenal team does carry on with the improved effort and effective football that we have seen from them in the draw with Man City and the win over West Ham, we still stand a good chance of finishing in the top four and continuing the remarkable record of qualifying for the Champions League in every full season under Arsene Wenger.

That is the very least that Arsenal need to do, though, and even that will not take away too much of the pain that we Gooners will feel at the end of the season, because this is the year when the shift of power in north London that Spud fans have been vainly banging on about for years is finally going to happen.

The Gunners’ hopes of finishing higher than our north London rivals were already pretty slim, but with a derby still to play at White Hart Lane we could still have seen the sort of slip up that Spurs have become well known for. Not anymore, though, because they beat Watford at a canter today and that puts them a massive 14 points ahead of Arsenal.

Even though we have 27 points to play for and even if we win that derby match, there is no way that Arsenal will finish above Tottenham this time.

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