“Everyone at Arsenal thinks Wenger is the wrong man for the job” – Hmmm…!


There is a very strange article in the Daily Telegraph this morning that has some weird quotes from an “Arsenal Insider”. The journalist, Matt Scott, appears to have sources inside the FA and Arsenal and he started talking about the FA considering making an approach to Wenger about taking over the England job in the summer, but then the quotes from the Arsenal insider popped up.

He is quoted as saying: “He (Wenger) has had dark moments for a couple of seasons and he’ll wonder whether it’s what he wants to keep doing,”

“When he arrived the transfer market was unsophisticated and now everyone is looking at the players you’re looking at,”

“There’s no advantage in being the first to see that French left-back because everyone’s out there doing it and players very quickly start to reach their true value in transfer and wage terms.”

“We’re at the start of a long rebuilding process and there’s been seven years without a trophy,”

“It’s everyone’s guilty secret that they think Arsène might be the wrong man for the job but no one will say it.”

Now the Telegraph is normally a very respected paper in England and I can believe that they wouldn’t report something unless they believed it to be true, but could it be that this “insider” has got it in for Wenger and is trying to start a campaign against him.

Or could it be that people at the club really think that his usefulness to Arsenal has come to an end?

15 thoughts on ““Everyone at Arsenal thinks Wenger is the wrong man for the job” – Hmmm…!

  1. Being a great manager is about much more than finding bargains in the transfer market.

    It’s about organization, know how and respect amongst other qualities (such as experience).

    Who is better for Arsenal’s future than Wenger?

  2. Has the insider been on Mars? Arsenal has gone from 10 behind 3rd to trailing by 1 in 3 weeks – the journo surely messed up his timing here. After Milan 1 it makes sense – now it looks like troublemaking1

  3. Anyone can say “my sources” and then proceed to write any cowardly thing that comes to mind. Dont say or write anything that you wouldnt say face to face. Journalists are cowardly scum anyways, always lying to catch readers eyes. Wenger would never consider the england job as he is the best talent devolper in the world. The england squad is devoid of true talent.

  4. A good manager is more than 4 good wins after 7 empty years !!
    Failed youth system. High wage structure. Bad transfer tactics !
    11 subs and bench players always useless, injured or below average who are over paid, selling the best, satisfied with 4th yearly and lame excuses and bad results every year !

    So we come 3rd or 4th is suddenly satisfying to a few fake fans.
    7 years of failed management must be addressed!

    Reason arsenal have started winning is due to the pressure on Arsene by quality fans who raised their voice and anger!
    Not the mules that accept anything !!!

  5. Rong man for the job hahahahahaha, tell what coach can take a team to the champions leage 15 times in a row with very limited or no transfer budget.

  6. Rubbish. The quality of journalism is really appalling. Sort of like the EPL refereeing.

  7. What a stupid headline and sweeping generalisation. Not everyone thinks that. Can’t be bothered to read this article .

  8. Lol the guy who wrote this must have been living on mars the last few weeks!!!! However I can still see the point made, i think if wenger just brought a few quality players it would ease the pressure off him an we would prob win alot more honours but he is defo. The right man for the job!!!!!! People should be carefull what they wish for bcos if he went it
    Would go down hill VERY FAST!!!!!!!

  9. nonsence wenger ned 2 buy matured plys lik ruben and sel walcot, wen da fidars ar about 2 start form den da wi ll arsenal dem and make morning 4 dia benifit dat da board 4 u rubbish.

  10. Sources in the region of my liver say it’s been a tough weekend.
    It is utter b*ll*cks, true. Obviously, the Arsenal Board consists of several individuals, and some of them are likely to hold idiotic views from time to time. We can’t rule out the possibility that the statements were actually made by an actual insider. Still, I can bet you no one’s going to act on these silly views.
    What’s most striking is perhaps the statement that “[w]e’re [only!] at the start of a long rebuilding process” – so what’s that we’ve been doing over those 7 years?? This process has begun several years ago, the person is obviously ill informed about what the manager is doing. Which kind of explains the silly ideas he/she holds.
    If we were to take this as the Board’s statement if intent, it would mean that the Arsenal rebuilding process is planned for, like, 70 years. I guess they’ll need to find a new manager during that time. Wenger’s obviously unfit to manage Arsenal throughout the process…

  11. the insider is saying that everyone at Arsenal thinks he’s wrong for the England job DUH!!!

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