FA Won’t Charge Wenger. What About The Referee?


Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is likely to avoid disciplinary penalties after he attacked the referee following the Fulham match which was influenced by a few decisions which went against Arsenal.

After being refused a penalty in the first half and having Djourou sent off a bit weary in the second half the game’s referee Lee Probert was accused by Wenger of influencing the match and changing the result of the game.

“The referee influenced the game in completely the wrong way, in my opinion,”

After Djourou was sent off Fulham managed to turn the result around and win the game, but Wenger was nice enough about the incident and the FA announced that they won’t be charging him for attacking the referee.

“We have looked at the statements made and I can confirm we won’t be taking the matter further.”

What the FA should really do is send a hefty fine down the ref’s address and ban him from any big games for a while because he really did influence the match a bit too much. If Wenger makes up excuses sometimes this time he was right to accuse the ref. What do you think?

1 thought on “FA Won’t Charge Wenger. What About The Referee?

  1. Yes but whot can arsenal do to stop all dis ref of whot they blow against us pls d fa should do something about it.

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