Fabregas – Fans will back Wenger and he will return Arsenal to the top

The ex-Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is fully confident that Arsene Wenger will recover from the battering he has received this season after losing both Fabregas and Nasri last summer, and thinks that the majority of Arsenal fans will support him.

“It has been painful,” said Fabregas. “It’s been painful because I want them to do well as a club, and they’re my friends and then there is the boss, who I admire so much and who I’m so grateful to.

“I don’t want to see them losing or being sad or having bad moments. Hopefully they will finish the league well. I watch virtually every Arsenal game – unless we play at the same time. I’ve watched 90 per cent of their games this season.”

“I still have a huge affection for Arsenal and it definitely makes me sad whenever I see them lose. But Arsene Wenger knows the club and players and will turn it around. Being a manager is a very difficult job and you are always criticised when things don’t go well,”

“But that happens at every club in the world and I have the perfect example of that at Barcelona, where the team has won something like 15 of the last 17 trophies yet people are now upset because this season we are second in the League to Real Madrid.

“In Spain there is 1,000 times more pressure on the manager.

“In England the fans will give the boss time and remember what he has done in the years before. In Spain they don’t even remember what you have done last week. It’s crazy.”

“When I was little, Barcelona went five years without anything and it seemed like the end of the world. Now it seems they are the best team in the world. Football changes quickly. Arsenal will be back to the top soon.”

I hope you are right Cesc, but I can’t help but think that maybe Arsenal wouldn’t be having all these problems if you and Nasri hadn’t forced your way out of the team?

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12 thoughts on “Fabregas – Fans will back Wenger and he will return Arsenal to the top

  1. Its good that u know the cause of all these problems and its u and nasri. But on my side i would like to tell u cesc to shut up because its u and nasri who made arsenal to be facing these difficulties. So can u leave us alone coz if u had respect on the boss ( arsen wenger), u where to hear his advise but u refused. so leave us alone.

  2. Wiah fab would shutup already . If he had so much faith in arsenal and wenger why did he force wengers hand to sell him??

  3. And why would we be interested in the opinion of a snivelling back stabber like Ze Sulk. He held us to ransom for four seasons. The worst captain Arsenal has ever had, stick to your Paella and Sangria son and concentrate on winning your 2 team league.

  4. Any football manager that stay’s at one club for 16 years has some ups and downs, Wenger has had he’s doubters, but it has to be said that Arsene Wenger has helped make Arsenal football club the fith richest club in the world. We have one of the best stadiums in the Premier and we are financially secure, we are fourth in the league at this particular moment and most people believe that this is the worst Arsenal team for many years. If supporters were to step back and take a good look they would see that our youngsters are starting to emerge and are starting to take first team positions they have been taught the Arsenal way and are like a stick of Blackpool rock they have Arsenal running through them. Yes we have had seven barren years but we are still a powerful force in the world of football, Cesc Na$ri and Clichey left at the end of last season, that left us in a vulnerable position but we have overcome that now. Although these 3 players were quality and a big miss Wenger has managed still to get us in the top 4. The signings of Jenkinson and Oxlaid Chamberlain will turn out to be master strokes for our future, had it not been for many injuries this season this team would have been top of the league, and if we can keep who we have fit we will keep our position or go higher, lose our deadwood at the end of the season and maybe one or two signings and we are in great position for next season. Arsene Wenger is still the man to lead us, Cesc Na4ri and Clichey watch out for next year for we’ll be coming after you.

  5. Fab, you seem to love Arsenal but not at the affectionate point, may be for just fun. AW invested so much in you if u can remember. Prof AW loved you like his son, he built his faith and much belief and trust in you, but you end up betraying him by forcing him to sale for your own sake and pleasure. Remember, A great manager like AW, the lovely and very polite boss to give you the post of team Captain at your age shown that he had much trust,but you forcifully left him with sarrow and blame from fans that he sold you because of his love on money than the club!
    How come a captain leave a team at the moment like that if really you was a committed gunner from the bottom of ua heart? Believe me we remember you with great disappointment and judging you as a traitor whom we cannot relay on you any more unless you repaint.
    I was a great fan of Barcelona, but from the date they poached you, by heart ceased and my love vanished completely going to Valencia to be my Spanish club favourate, although they don’t win trophies. Remember what happens to Viera, Flamin, Adebayo and others after leaving Arsenal, abandoning AFC fan with tears.

    But God is grate we will soon come back as you can see the team is coming to its best. Your successor RvP is making wonders with all quality of a great captain who leads with examples! We assure you next season AFC under AW will beat any team coming to our face.

  6. am also at the back of cesc and i believe things will soon go well for the arsenal team and believe so very much in he manager arsen wenger

    1. Fabregas will come back at arsenal because to stop the awful start in the premier league and the fa cup and the carling cup and the champoins league as well so fabregas arsenal fans are waiting for you to come back at the emirates

  7. Guys, there is an ENORMOUS difference between Cesc wanting to go back to play for his boyhood club in his homeland to play for probably the best club team of all time, after 8 years of service at Arsenal, and what that filthy money grabbing c#nt na$ri did after half a good season

  8. Pls pals fab is a good man,he has done alot for arsenal likewise nasri. Everybody wants improvement in dere lives and tell wenger to spend big so that he can win big. Up gunners

  9. guys ua are so tough on cesc but anyway he deserves it. Hopefully Arsenal comes good soon

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