Fabregas gives Arsenal fans little hope of returning

The ex-Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has been continually linked with a return to the Premiership since the end of a disappointing season for him, but now the Spanish international has made it clear that he has little or no intention of ever leaving his boyhood club unless they specifically tell him that he is no longer wanted.

Cesc said: “It has taken a lot for me to get where I am, and I am not thinking about throwing it all away for nothing.

“If they said that they didn’t want me, that would be another thing — but what I really want is to triumph at Barca.

“That has been dream since I was small. Barcelona is my home and I have always dreamed of winning there.”

“Some people who might not like my play but that makes me stronger to improve.

“If the fans boo me, I need to accept it. I am the first one who knew this would be the most important challenge of my life. I just want to play.”

Well it was nice to have a small dream for a while, but rigyt now it looks like we will have to concentrate on bringing in a more defensive midfielder, like Wanyama.

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7 thoughts on “Fabregas gives Arsenal fans little hope of returning

  1. I don’t picture him in red and white jersey meaning we can’t sign him.we all know arsenal.

  2. Admittedly, defensive midfield should be our most priority but if we secure the services a an attacking midfielder of fabregas calible, it will be very essential for us coz right now, among all the midfielders that we have, its only cazorla that has the goal creating intelligence, while rosciky, wilshere, ramsey, arteta are all good passers of the ball around the midfield. So, fabregas could be superb incase cazorla is missing

  3. rubbish article. How did he give us hope?? If anything his words are telling us that he is going to stay at Barcelona.


  4. why hope? who cares about him? he left, so why would we take him back? why would we take anyone back who thought he was better than arsenal, did not make and now wants to come back so he can be a star here again.

  5. League champion, 2nd highest scorer,3rd highest assist maker in the league, started 2/3 of teams league matches. That is not a failed season by any standard. Even our giroud who started more matches in the striker role cannot boast such stats.

    1. What on earth are you on about? This past season Fabregas was 4th highest with assists in the Spanish league, and nowhere near the top for combined assists and goals, and not even top ten for goals scored.

  6. Fabregas would not be a good investment. He does not play a position of need and we can get better value at positions of need for the price it would take to get him back. A lot of money spent for little or no improvement. Focus on a striker and a physical midfielder and stop looking backwards.

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