Fabregas urges Arsenal to carry on and capture the title

Arsenal came close to the title on two occasions whilst Cesc Fabregas was still with the club. Once in the 2008 season and the other in 2010. Both times Arsenal challenged for the league for the majority of the season until falling virtually at the final stages of the domestic season.

There were falters in the club system where we just ran out of steam, quality and the injury list grew bigger and bigger. As drastic and desperate as this may sound but Arsenal also probably wouldn’t have slipped up in the League Cup final defeat to Birmingham City, if it hadn’t been for the fact we had so many ‘then first team’ players ruled out. We should have won that trophy anyway, regardless, because even without those players, we were far more capable of achieving a win that day. But Cesc was one of those players to miss the game and his absence was certainly noted.

A few years down the line and Arsenal now stand another great chance of silverware, with the Gunners keeping top spot in the Premier League so far. The Gunners have been in that position for the majority of the season, however a small slip up against Southampton two games ago, gave us all a major fright. It meant Arsenal dropped into second after Manchester City’s victory, however with Chelsea beating the Sky Blues just the other night and an Arsenal win, meant that once again we returned to the top.

In a report from the Mirror he states: “It would be amazing [if they won the league], they need to be very consistent between now and the end of the season. I am very happy how they are playing, they have a strong squad, they are top of the league. I cannot wait to see if they can lift the trophy finally.

“In one season it’s impossible to win every single game, you will always lose,” he added. “Whether it’s the League Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, there’s so many games. The Premier League is a very tough league. Anyone can beat you. It (City v Chelsea) was a very entertaining game.”

Of course Fabregas has experience of winning trophies with Barcelona since his return to Spain, however considering he never won the Premier League with Arsenal I’m sure he cannot talk too fruitfully about what Arsenal need to do to win arguably Europe’s toughest club competition. We are in for a tough run there is no doubt about that and these next few weeks are the most pivotal of the season but could also define the club’s successes for this year as well as our situation for the next few years as well.

Personally I believe the Gunners can be resilient and as Fabregas states consistency is the key, however as players start to tire and we begin to lose some of the big names, I can unfortunately see the season faltering at the final hurdle just as it has done before. It is certainly going to be close.

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