Face facts! Arsenal are not buying anyone at all….

This transfer window has been even more disappointing than usual for Arsenal Fans, with Arsene Wenger not only denying interest in all the rumoured targets, but even calling for the transfer window in January to be scrapped altogether.

This has finally got through to the press and the red-tops have even stopped making up rumours any more as they have finally realised what we all knew deep down anyway, that Arsenal are simply going to buy no-one despite having a whole team of injured players.

Wenger’s latest outburst said it all really. He said: “If the players come back, we are strong enough. If we do not have the players back, we will struggle.

“Football is not a supermarket where you go in there and say, ‘Give me a left-back, please. And a right-back and a centre-back.’ We have to find the players better than what we have.

“When Vermaelen plays left-back, finding a better left-back for me is difficult. Vermaelen has missed two games, maybe another game Sunday. You cannot every time buy a player when you have an injury. Where do you finish?

“England is bankrupt. The whole of Europe is bankrupt and everyone continues to spend like nothing happened.

“Arsenal are not bankrupt. We manage in a sensible way at Arsenal and that’s why we are not bankrupt. We try to spend the money we have.”

Funnily enough I DON’T see Arsenal spending the money they have, not even the massive profits that they made on their transfer dealings in the summer.

And as for not finding “players better than what we have”, I can name hundreds of players that are better than Chamakh, Squillaci, Almunia, Arshavin, need I go on?????

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3 thoughts on “Face facts! Arsenal are not buying anyone at all….

  1. I have said that all season . we have one too many foreign players as it is come 1st feb someone has to be left and seeing as he wont be playing after the 15th feb my guess is that it is henry who will be left out of the epl 25 man squad. wenger will come out with some excuses but henry will only be involved in 2 more matches villa i. the cup and the milan champions league……if he is fit!

  2. To an extent, i agree with him and cannot see how anyone else wouldn’t.

    Verma, kos, mertsacker and djourou (plus squilachi) … We have too many and theres no room. Plus, verma and kos together are great and having mertsacker as 3rd choice is great depth.

    My problem is that its quality not quantity. Verma and kos are great. Mert needs more time to adapt, it is tough to judge on his first season, but look at the stats, he was brought in to make us stop being so poor at set pieces and we are stronger.

    But im not a fan of djourou and squilachi has to go … so one more top defender and i think we will be fine. Add to that we have injuries and wenger is spot n, we do not need to buy in at the moment.

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