Fed Up Arsenal Fans Plan Protest

Arsenal’s fans are starting to ask questions about the situation at the club ever since Fabregas and Nasri were allowed to go while no other top quality players were brought since. Gervinho proved his skill, but he was brought prior to those sales and ever since Arsenal haven’t been able to transfer any good player except Arteta.

“What was the point in six per cent price rises last summer if the club do not want to spend? We will always support the team and Wenger deserves respect and to be treated with dignity after everything he’s done for the club.” Fan leader Kelvin Meadows stated

“If Robin van Persie signs [a new contract], then great. But I don’t know many people who would blame him if he did go in the summer because is the club going to buy players to rebuild the team again?

“It’s not the players’ fault. It’s not even their fault if some of them are not necessarily good enough. But we would like answers from the board.”

The fans’ question is a decent one and they’re right. Wenger did tell fans that he’s going to help the team grow, but since the two departed, even though Wenger’s work at the club is admirable, Arsenal started to play a lot less attractive. Only a small investment in a couple of players would take the Gunners a long way, and it seems that fans aren’t going to accept the situation any longer.

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9 thoughts on “Fed Up Arsenal Fans Plan Protest

  1. What sort of respect does Wenger deserve? He is no Sir Alex! The latter has built and built but Wenger built but it is all crumbling around him; that’s no success story boys!!!

    1. wenga need to respect d feelings of the fans,dat man does not even care about d fans e only care about himself he does what he likes and what he feels like doing,i detest dat man with passion

  2. I dont think we realy have crazy arsenal fans in London, if Emirate stadium is in Nigeria, Wenger would have thrown in the towel for the pass 4yrs. Arsenal fans all over d world ar not happy with d London base fans due to their lack of protest against d board & Wenger. The board & Wenger hate the club they are just after what the gain not mindin the trouma dat d fans pass thru. I hate arsenal board & Wenger.

  3. Plz arsenal fans do a protest,we have to save our club from Dracula wenger whos sucking all the blood out from our great club.

  4. Well said. I totally agree with my fellow nigerian. If Emirate stadium is to be here, both the board and Wenger would’ve been a forgotten issue. For God’s sake, we need top players, the fans pay high ticket price and still don’t get the value for their money! Thats unacceptable. Buy! Buy! Buy!

  5. Yes,Arsenal fans who stay in London should protest bitterly,sleeplessly,persistently,effortlessly and tirelessly until Wenger and Ivan Gazidis either resign or are sacked.And If Wenger is sacked or resigns,Arsenal should appoint either Frank Rijkaard,Guus Hiddink, Dunga,Frank De Boer,Bert van Marwijk or Marco van Basten as its coach and after doing this,for sure before God they will be winning trophies every year/season.

  6. @Yox Dan;
    Arsenal fans who stay in London should just mobilize each other using social media/networks like Facebook, twitter,netlog etc and then protest and demonstrate bitterly in the streets of London singing ‘Wenger and Gazidis must go! Wenger and Gazidis must go!! till these 2 fools go.Even in Kenya this could have happened long time ago

  7. i am a great fan of wenger but lately his decision making is very questionable for e.g against bolton the performance of ramsey n walcott was very still the players were on the pitch

  8. If Wenger and Gazidis don’t resign or are not sacked, then somebody should just be courageous and even assassinate them,we are fed up with them.

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