It seems to happen every year to Arsenal fans and we keep falling for it. The club promises the earth and delivers a handful of dirt. Now although it was painful and frustrating to sell our best players and replace them with inferior ones, if at all, while paying off the Emirates stadium, I think we could at least understand that there was a plan for the future.

But now we are supposed to have money. We keep hearing Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger talking about the Gunners being able to compete with the big boys in the transfer market. And now that the FFP rules that the Frenchman has been moaning on about are finally starting to bite, the gap has been closed, except for the fact that we are still not spending.

If Wenger proves me wrong during the next few hours, I will gladly apologise and eat humble pie, but it is not looking very likely. So that will make it three transfer windows in a row since we were told that the hard financial times were in the past. Arsenal have finished all three of those windows with a huge chunk of the supposed transfer budget unspent.

Ozil was around 40m when we had 70m, we spent a big fat nothing in January and less than half of the 100m this time. Do we really need any more proof that the club looks on the fans as cash cows to be milked?

11 thoughts on “Final proof that Arsenal are lying to fans?

  1. I do not think that Arsenal has any bright future under Wenger. What happend to all the promise to sign and compete. Arsenal will not compete against Chelsea on the field. Chelsea, Madrid have world-class players

  2. As a life long arsenal fan I am again being fooled into thinking we are going to spend on quality players and feel let down yet again we will struggle to finish in the top four this season

  3. Good article, totally agree with everything you say. If we fail to land 2 big players which we need to proves that Wenger & Arsenal are mugging us off. Can’t see him lasting the season with the boos he will receive every game from now till may.

  4. It’s not even about spending big on big names the £45-50m players, we don’t buy that we need. Welbeck would be a great addition and for less than £20m. Carvalho £35m perfect for the now and future, then a number of center backs would be fines as back up to the 3 we already have….Winston Reid, Sokratis, Howedes, Nastasic, etc etc!

  5. I’ll believe this article right after two things are independently verified: 1) the actual amount of money allocated for spending. I’m sick of innuendo and rumor, and 2) that said targets were actually keen on becoming Gooners. Otherwise it’s all supposition and guesswork.

  6. Its a joke we fall for the big money talk all the time and we never take a risk!! With risks come rewards and every top club knows this.. Maybe someone should explain to winger, you pay peanuts you get monkeys…

  7. I promise you guys that Arsenal will never win the league and CL under Wenger. That fool Wenger bought Alexis yes agree he is good but his position was not the problem to club. Arsenal every season have the same problem we don’t have a world class striker,natural holding midfielder and we have minimal options of defenders. The size of Arsenal squad has not changed this season apart from replacing gone players. Can’t really Arsenal fans influence the change?

    1. Fools talk! you’re definitely more of a fool than what you think Wenger is. Talking about the size of the squad; has Arsenal not met the mandatory maximum of 25 man squad required for registration.
      In the first how many world class strikers are available to buy in transfer market. Is the acquisition of Sanchez not reasonable enough, at least it is deemed to improve the chances of scoring more goals compared to only 66 goals score in the League last season; which was the apparent deficiency.
      Agreed, there’s problem with personnels in the defensive areas. However, Arsenal can only acquire additional players who are capable of occupying those positions and are available within the transfer market/window at the mutually agreed term and conditions favourable to all parties concerned (buyer, seller and footballer).

  8. Wellbeck is ok at best ,. His no Sturridge , he can play on the wings aswell , but I thought we we’re going for proven quality or even world class players , we mite aswell buy Wilfred bony , he scores more goals then Wellbeck and plays as a target man ,. .. I love wenger and trust what he does , I don’t get this one though ??? ,. . We need a proven striker with an ego to cammand the teams respect ( Henry ,Ian write , rvp , adebayore , ect .. ) I would have chosen balotelli or paid the 30mill to rm for Benzema .. Even Hernandez over Wellbeck makes scence as he is a poacher type player with good link up play ,..

    COYG ,…
    Whatever happends, happends ,..

  9. I hope you will swallow your words about Welbeck’s ability. Remember that Sturridge did not shine as an English Striker until he moved to Liverpool. Look out for WAS (Welbeck and Sanchez) combination, just like Liverpool’s SAS.

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