At the start of the summer, I’m sure nobody imagined that Arsenal could be lining up with both Mathieu Flamini and Mesut Ozil in their side, but fast forward to almost a month after the transfer window closed, both players are very much settled in at the Emirates.

Mathieu Flamini has of course been here before and has played at the Emirates many times before his move to the Gunners this summer. The Frenchman left Arsenal back in 2008 for AC Milan, but managed to spend two whole seasons with the Gunners at the Emirates stadium.

Then onto Mesut Ozil and although he is far superior in talent compared to his team mate Flamini, he too has impressed during his short stay with the club so far having already shipped 3, possibly 4, assists, depending on who you check the stats with.

Both even though they are completely different players with completely different abilities, both are equally as passionate as each other and perhaps most importantly they both recognise they need to help the team bring its current eight year trophy drought.

Flamini told the media, “Eight years without winning anything is not easy for anyone, for the fans, for the players, for the club or the coach, but the quality is here. Maybe it was missing just a few things.

“This year it was important that nobody left and then we got new players with a lot of quality and what is most important is the team spirit.

“We knew Mesut was a big player – he proved it at Madrid. For us, it is a great boost because he is a great player and knows how to make the difference. He has great spirit, he is working hard for the team and can make the difference at any moment.”

With these two important members of our team performing two the highest standards, as well as the thought that the rest of the squad can be in top condition and all hopefully on form we have a really talented squad on our hands, that with our support, could honestly go on to challenging for at least one trophy this season.

2 thoughts on “Flamini and Ozil will make the difference to Arsenal’s Trophy hunt

  1. We can hardly be calling Flamini a game changer. He is an improvement on Diaby for sure but he isn’t gunna change the title chances of the club.

  2. Well, @6yards. Flamini has never been a game changer at any level of his game, but he brings something to the team now that we’ve been missing, playing with his heart αη∂ a lot of passion. He rallies the players, does the odd job αη∂ is always ready to go the extra mile. Arsenal have lacked his sort of player in a very long time…. It’s still early in d season though.

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