Flamini is still needed in this Arsenal team

In almost every title winning side, there is always a man that has bite. A player that is fearless of anything and willing to sacrifice himself for the benefit of the team winning. From Lothar Matthaus to Roy Keane to Patrick Viera when at Arsenal, these players are usually midfielders willing to put their bodies on the line for team. Lucky for us, we already have that player in Mathieu Flamini.

The best part about Wenger willing to invest in young talent would mean there would be loyalty from many of these players. Even if they move on from Arsenal, they would still be eternally grateful for the faith that Arsene has put in them. Flamini is no exception. Many criticized Flamini when he left for Milan in the summer of 2008. Many were skeptical about his return to Arsenal as a result. Flamini came back to Arsenal claiming he has ‘unfinished business’ in the club.

In Flamini, not only did Arsenal have a player with renewed loyalty to Wenger, Arsenal also got a ferocious defensive midfielder. He is willing to throw himself on the firing line to ensure Arsenal gets the defensive protection needed. He has amazing stamina and runs nonstop for 90 minutes. He has a very outspoken character, often screaming at his teammates in order to get the defense organized. He gives the dressing room a much needed leadership voice, one sorely needed to bring our young team forward. His aggressiveness and leadership is one that is extremely vital if Arsenal are to maintain a strong challenge for the major honours next year. When the Arsenal players are lost or lack confidence during the season, put your money on Flamini to try and bring the pieces back together and remind them of the final goal.

Is Flamini important to you in the Arsenal team?

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5 thoughts on “Flamini is still needed in this Arsenal team

  1. In 3 quarters of the matches, Flamini is awesome as is arteta. But it’s in that vital 25% of matches against the top 6 and the likes of bayern, dormant, real Madrid and barca that the air will struggle. That is where we need pace, strength, height, composure, leadership and assurance not to mention that extra bit of technical ability that arteta and flamini lack. If and it’s a huge massive IF we could keep diaby fit and reinvent him with the discipline to sit in front of the back 4 we would have the answer. But in all honesty, no one can see that happening which is where javi martinez, carvalho, khedira, sven or lars bender would come in. I honestly think that if we went to real Madrid tonight with £55m we could get khedira and di maria, which in turn would give us the league title. Imagine a front 6 of khedira Ramsey Walcott ozil di maria sanchez up against the big boys and champions league with a front 6 of diaby wilshire chamberlain cazorla podolski giroud against the mid table teams and fa cup and a front 6 of arteta flamini gnabry rosicky campbell sanogo against the bottom of the table sides and cap1cup. Plenty of rotation, plenty of rest and trophies galore!!!

  2. I would rather have Flamini playing, instead of Arteta. Flamini has alot more energy and commitment in braeking up play by winning the Ball. Arteta is the hole everyone is speaking about, which Wenger is not interested in closing. I can see more big score thrashing received by Arsenal again this year.

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