It came as an exciting bit of news to hear that Arsenal are making moves for both Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria. Both of them are top players and I would love to see them here but I do not think there is a realistic chance of signing Benzema at the moment.

As all Arsenal fans will remember with a grudge, we have previously missed out on Gonzalo Higuain who was at Real Madrid. Napoli stole him out of our hands and that left Real Madrid with one less striker.

Napoli even signed Madrid’s other striker Jose Callejon. Karim Benzema is the only out and out striker left there now other than the young Alvaro Morata. Morata has been tipped for big things and this season will be his breakthrough year by the looks of things, but Benzema is supposed to be the main man.

Real Madrid have all their resources tied up with trying to sign Gareth Bale. If they sell Benzema to us they will need to find a world class striker to replace him. In my opinion it is too late in the window to find an available world class striker and there are only a couple left on the market.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robert Lewandowski come to mind but even the Polish striker seems to be staying exactly where he is for the season. It would make sense for Carlo Ancelotti to link up with Ibrahimovic again but that is still very unlikely under current circumstances.

We have apparently offered, or are going to, £40M for the French striker but I fear that may not be enough to tempt them into accepting. Unless they plan on moving Ronaldo or Bale into the centre, they will not sell to us.

We still have a decent chance of getting Di Maria though which is something at least.

9 thoughts on “Forget Benzema, but Arsenal could get Di Maria from Real Madrid

    1. mamadou sakho / toby alderweireld in defence geoffrey kondogbia / maroune fellani in defensive midfield JACKSON MARTINEZ STRIKER THESE ARE ALL AVAILABLE GET THE WORD TO WENGER !

  1. Angel di maria is the best for arsenal for now,we don’t need benzema.giroud is even better than amateur benzema benzema do not use to stay in the front which is not expected of a striker…A good striker need to stay 80% at front when playing,even if we want to sign a striker for now it will be the one that do stay front for goal not like that of benzema that play all around…up gunners.ko ni baje ooooooooo.

  2. I have a feeling that Arsene Wenger convinced RMA to part with Karim so that they can go for the unsettled Suarez whom LFC refused to sell to an English club. Let’s keep our fingers crossed

  3. Lewandoski would be much better compared to benzema! Di maria would be excellent player!

  4. Anyone who thinks Di Maria is a good player should start following bowls he is muck end off I would have rather Downing for 5M than the 20m for Maria.

    If we are going t spend this money we have saved so hard for then it has to be on the right players I rather not sign anyone.

    Mark my words if Di Maria comes its another disaster like Arshivan.

    Issue now is there very few players left to be bought we could have sign Amorebieta as competition at centre half we didnt now we are throwing Sagna in there. Gaustavo 15M would have be ideally signing or Wanyama from Celtic for 12M. As for a striker well there’s only afew out there and thats why its huge money I would have like to see us get Villa from Barcelona but it appears they is no plan whatsoever and its very bad mgt.

    The club have doen well to release all the deadwood but we need 3/4 players

    1. Di Maria isn’t quality? Uh, surely you’re delusional. He has pace in droves, a natural great left foot, and he’s great at getting forward and working for the team. You don’t get into the Real Madrid squad as a slouch. And, don’t forget we were in for him when he was still in Argentina but he ended up in Portugal with Benfica. An Argentine international with loads of European experience and you shrug him off like he’s garbage? He’s not like Arshavin at all. Arshavin was a central player being played out of position out wide. Di Maria is a natural left sided winger that we don’t have aside from Ryo who may or may not be ready as yet.

  5. Di Maria would a great addition

    coz the left wing is weak with gervinho gone n podolski is not consistent….

    £15-£20 millions for Di Maria would be enough…

    n he’s a great crosser of the ball…

    he provides tons of assists
    can also play as second striker…which he used to play at benfica….

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