Former Arsenal Target Regrets Summer Decision

Former Arsenal target Chris Samba is fed up with the situation at Rovers and is looking for a way out of the club. The centre-back was wanted by Wenger all summer long, but since Mertesacker was brought in the Frenchman doesn’t seem interested anymore in transferring another even though Samba would be.

Now Samba is frustrated that the Rovers are still fighting around the same spots in the Premiership and declared that he wants to be transferred because he feels like his career is going nowhere.

“Lately, mentally, it has been difficult,” Samba told L’Equipe.

“I tried to maintain my level of performance but I sense that it is time for a change. The club doesn’t evolve at all. I’m resigned.

“I’ve always put the interests of the club before my own.

“I’ve invested a lot, always tried to lead by example, but things have not gone as I was told. I hope people will understand me.”

Miquel is probably going to leave on loan and Arsenal could use some full-backs, but the transfer of Samba wouldn’t do any good at the moment as Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Djourou are now fighting for one of the centre-back positions. Do you think Wenger will give a helping hand to Samba?

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3 thoughts on “Former Arsenal Target Regrets Summer Decision

  1. For me djourou and squillaci are not good enough miquel and bartley are but need another year or 2 to get over the sort of knocks that young centre backs get so cannot be relied on. i think a couple of mature centre backs to replace the squid and jd with bartley and miquel taking a loan spell in the prem together as a partnership. any 2 of samba cahill vertonghen alex would be great additions. also buy 2 full backs loan out jenkinson and gibbs to gain their fitness and proper runs in a team preferably in the pl.

  2. Will definitely sign either Samba or Cahill and ditch Squilaci and Djourou! Imagine having TV5, Kos, Mertesacker and Samba / Cahill as our CBs…. we can rotate and I feel that the guys we have in that position is as strong as the Adams/Bould/Keown and the Invincibles era!

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