French Star M’Vila Admits He’ll Join Arsenal


We can now say that Rennes’ midfielder Yann M’Vila is a Gunner after the defensive midfielder publically spoke about his interest to join Arsene Wenger’s squad.

We know that players usually don’t do such things until the deal is almost complete, but M’Vila spoke about Arsenal’s negotiations with his club Rennes, and declared that if the two clubs will agree upon a transfer fee, the deal will go through because he’s eager to play in the Premiership, and even more eager to play at Arsenal.

“I have heard Arsenal are interested in me. I like Arsenal and I like the Premier League.

“I don’t know what is happening with the clubs, but yes, I would be interested in the Premier League and Arsenal.”

M’Vila would become the second signing in a summer which started promising with Podolski’s move, and continues to be just as good. It seems that now only Robin Van Persie’s departure can spoil things at Arsenal, and that Arsene Wenger meant what he said about challenging the Premier League title next season.

The Arsenal fans have been hoping for M’Vila to join for quite a while, and the statement comes as a relief for most after rumours have emerged speaking about a possible interest in him from Barcelona and Bayern Munich, which would have complicated things even further.

17 thoughts on “French Star M’Vila Admits He’ll Join Arsenal

  1. Why does his quotes mean that he has signed for Arsenal? He has ‘heard’ of interest, which means a deal isn’t even close. Don’t get your hopes up Gooners, unless we can get him for £15mil, I doubt we’ll sign him.

  2. Very prudent of arsenal to sell RVP now, they wont get that many games out of him ever again. Theo has not exactly been consistent.

  3. Way to late for the long-serving but ;lost his mind;mana
    ger Arsene Wenger making new signings after another third
    place finish in the Premier League,time for Wenger to move
    on as seven trophyless seaons can,t make up for panic-buy
    ing now,au revoir ?

    1. @samuel

      Your full of crap. Arsenal hadn’t won the league over 8 years before wenger came along!!

    2. @samuel
      Really i dont think you are a true arsenal fan because this is a move in the right direction and the problem with arsenal of late was just using youngsters and relying on them to turn up but a blend of experience in Arteta,santos,mertasacker and big game internationals Giroud,Podolski,M’villa and Dzagoev arsenal will be up there next season and if not winning a trophy or two. And as for arsene when he eventually leaves then pep guadiola will be his replacement.

    3. Why not talk some sense pal? Is it not better late than never. If we wish to win something in a year or two, the preparation is now.

  4. I don’t think I will be calling him an arsenal player just yet until it is announced on

  5. M’vila being interested in Arsenal does not mean we will definately sign him! His club (Rennes) need to accept Arsenal’s offer and if Rennes think it is too low the they will refuse to sell.

  6. How is it panic buying? There’s still two months left before the start of the season.
    Please tell us who we should replace Wenger with in your ultimate wisdom? Maybe Harry Redknap, thankfully the clubs decisions are made by people who actually understand the long game.

  7. Wenger just pay 17 million for m’villa he is right holding mid and if song gets injuried then he comes in as replace and that means it will be 3 signings podolski m’villa giroud good signings but wenger we need world class we need m’villa just pay 17 million u can’t get him cheaper than that wenger and sign center half world class and left bak and world class mid playmaker

  8. We’ll be lucky! hope i’m wrong! Looked forward to certain signings like this in the past like many a Gooner and then been kicked in the teeth when they never happened.

  9. If this signing is completed it is just what the Arsenal midfield needs, hope RVP stays and Giroud comes, Arsenal will be difficult to stop and will definitely win tropies….

  10. @dav, players always act dumb in interviews so they dont let fans know whats going on between club and player.

  11. scnescy
    sagna, verm,kosc,santos
    Vertoghen, mvilla/song
    Walcott/OX, wilshere/rosicky, podolski

    Vertoghen maybe if we steal him from spurs quickly, and mvilla if we agree on a deal (IM very confident we can get both these players)And even Ben Arfa, we are after him too. sooo excited its unreal

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