Frimpong Out For Good.Are All The Injuries Wenger’s Fault?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is attempting to grow his incredible players bit by bit but the luck doesn’t seem to be on his side as the most talented players seem to fall to the bottom due to insanely long injuries.

Having just found out about the setback Wilshere had Wenger had to find out another incredibly bad piece of news as loaned out midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong will be out for six to nine months according to himself.

“Bad news is that I’m out for six to nine months with my knee,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

“I want to thank all the Wolves fans for their support since I’ve been here and really hope Wolves stay up this season.”

Frimpong was injured for the better part of last season and with this setback he’ll already lose a massive amount of playing time so it’s fair to expect him not to return to the skill which consecrated him at Arsenal throughout this season.

This injury brings a bunch of new questions relating Arsenal’s policies because what’s the use of an amazing policy if the very talented youth only manage to get themselves fixed up with these kinds of injuries? It’s not the first time and it will certainly not be the last, so where’s Wenger mistaking?

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5 thoughts on “Frimpong Out For Good.Are All The Injuries Wenger’s Fault?

  1. sure we pick up a few injuries here and there, but with 79 players on the books, we are bound to get more than other teams. also we have just agreed to grow that figure by signing on another 9 youngsters in May.

  2. Frimpong gets an unfortunate injury while on loan at another club and you suggest it is possibly his fault? Are you a total idiot.

  3. This is ridiculous argument to make…Wenger is to blame now for an on loan player’s injury?? Ridiculous.

  4. Everything negative is Arsene’s fault now? I thnk you probably would blame Arsense if your wife strayed..

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