Frimpong remains confident over full recovery after second knee injury


Although Emmanuel Frimpong suffered a cruciate ligament injury while he was on loan from Arsenal to Wolverhampton, he remains confident over his recovery.

The Arsenal midfielder is confident he will return the same player he was before the terrible knee injury, once his recovery is complete. Frimpong suffered his cruciate knee ligament injury in February, and it ruled him out of football for several months.

The 20 year old is trying to recover from his second injury of this type, after the one in 2010 which sidelined him for nine months.

There are questions regarding Frimpong’s long-term fitness, after suffering two serious knee injuries, but the player is determined to prove them wrong.

“When I had the first one people were telling me it takes ages to get back playing at the level I was playing at before and when I came back with Arsenal I think I showed everyone I was still the same player and hopefully I can come back this time and show everyone I am still the same player again,” Frimpong told Sky Sports News.

“It is not as serious as the other one, similar, but hopefully I can do my gym work and hopefully I get back on to the pitch and start playing again.”

“It is bad that I am injured but I am in the gym with Jack Wilshire, he has great banter and we have got Sagna as well so I have got great company and it makes things go faster for me.”

We had high hopes of Frimpong providing competition for Alex Song at Arsenal, but can Wenger risk him going through a full season injury-free?

1 thought on “Frimpong remains confident over full recovery after second knee injury

  1. This is but my own humble opinion and I`m not a doctor (not that that makes any difference) but players who suffer major injuries on any part of their lower limbs can not be expected to recover to peak performance in under two years.The first year is repair after injury the second is regaining confidence, rythm , timing, strength and aggression and no amount of gym work and training can substitute for `time on the field` and a lot of patience.
    Having said that we need to take out insurance and it`s the likes of Beneyoun and Rosicky who give us that cover.
    I think I`ve made my point!

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