Arsenal starlet Jack Wilshere started his career off so brightly with the Gunners, walking onto the pitch as a 16 year old boy, and by the time he was 17 and 18 he was really beginning to pull his way into the Arsenal first team for recognition. By the time he was 19 he had established himself as one of Arsenal’s main players and everything seemed to revolve around him, until that simple injury occurred that ruled him out for so so long.

Wilshere was progressing so well, having just spent a half season on loan at Bolton, he returned to Arsenal and was a consistent top performer for the Gunners. However he was massively overplayed by Wenger, something Le Prof even holds his hands up to and many suggest it is because of the amount of times he played at such a young age, which has hampered him now in the long run.

The injury that was originally going to keep him out of action for just a week at the most, quickly turned into weeks, then months and in the end a total year. And although of course Wilshere has returned in flying colours, although not quite as innocent looking as before, he still doesn’t seem to have the edge that he did beforehand, the ability that ran the show in the 2-1 win over Barcelona and I think that’s largely down to fitness.

Even though it’s been well over two years since that injury occurred to Wilshere, it seems he is still struggling with the effects of it and the resulting surgery to this very day and because he is so important to the team, as well as being so young, it means Wenger is very cautious in using him and any potential knock is now solved with an immediate substitution in an act to end his injury torment.

Many have recognised that Wilshere doesn’t look up to scratch and are also pretty certain its due to a lack of fitness and with Wilshere away on international duty with England, Roy Hodgson took the opportunity to state that Wilshere was lacking with fitness.

Hodgson said: “Jack is still looking for full fitness. That is why we took him off in the second half. We certainly saw a much more effective Jack against Moldova, but he still did his work against Ukraine and, tactically, did all the things I asked of him.”

I’m sure it’s been a much more lengthy process than everyone wished, however it seems unlikely that it’s going to change so for now I’m not sure how Wilshere can build up his fitness without putting on such a strain. I suppose the real question should be is Wenger scared of using Jack Wilshere, because I know for a fact it’s not a comfortable sight for anyone when Jack Wilshere is clipped on the pitch.

5 thoughts on “Frustration for Arsenal as Wilshere STILL not fit


  2. The word stupid seems to fit you more than Wenger for not knowing that fitness is not about injury but being in the best physical condition to play to your best. The solution to that is playing as much game as possible. What Wenger and Hogson are doing is what will get him 100% fit.

  3. The fact remains that Wenger overplayed him – despite advice from his back room staff. Remember Wenger does NOT take advice … he gives it. Bottom Line :- he has done Jack no good and Arsenal no good by it.

  4. Anybody who has played in a team will know the Onus is on the player to take it easier if there are twinges in the muscle. If you feel tightness the onus is on the player to let the manager know, he is not a mind reader and Wilshere has been known to conceal aspects of his fitness from Wenger. I am sorry, I cannot lay the blame for Wilshere’s fitness.

    The better the team performs the harder Wilshere tries, if the game has no flow where he can connect and spark, there is little life in the lad. He is not as good this season as last season and I think much of it is down to his private life. He does not have somebody like Ryan Giggs had or Beckham had, instead Wilshere has Wenger. As harsh as Ferguson was on players when they were the age of Wilshere, it was what they needed. The favourite teacher at school of any kid was the soft one who let them get away with anything and it’s no coincidence they learnt little in those lessons and learnt the most in the class with the meanest teacher. Wenger is like the soft teacher and Wilshere is not intelligent enough to realise this is not beneficial to him, thus he does not exercise stricter self discipline. Also Wilshere thinks he has years to sort himself out whereas a 16 year old Cesc proved how young players can change things in a team over night.

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