Gazidis – Arsenal are proud of our sustainable youth policy (full transcript)

The Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis has made it clear that Arsenal will be continuing with the policy of buying promising youngsters and bringing them through the Arsenal Academy, and he has made an attempt to explain the reasoning behind it.

Everyone knows the gist of what he said, but here is the full explanation he gave to Fox News: “Our financial model does mean we can’t afford to compete with oil money, and we can’t afford to compete with super-wealthy individuals from Russia,”

“But I think the more important thing about our model is that it’s sustainable.

“If we’ve learned anything from the world’s economic crisis, it has to be that football clubs need to have responsibility – not just for today, but for their own futures.

“And our business model means that we can continue to do what we’re doing forever.

“Our focus is always on young players, we’ve got a fantastic development system and still there are young players coming through consistently from our youth ranks and that’ll continue to be the way Arsenal do things.

“We play football in a certain way, a little bit different to everyone else and we develop our team in a way that’s a little bit different to everybody else.

“Yes, we can’t afford to spend £50-70million on an individual player. But, we’re proud of the way we do things, and we’re proud of the results that we’re able to produce from that.

“Of course there’s anxiety when clubs are spending the kind of money they’re spending. We don’t believe that’s sustainable for the long term. We think that has to come to an end. UEFA agrees with us and is bringing limits on spending in (the Financial Fair Play initiative), and we’ll continue to do things the way we do them.”

“Arsene spends money with a view not just to the short term, but also to the long term.

“People don’t think about Oxlade-Chamberlain, but we spent a lot of money on Oxlade-Chamberlain. We believe that this is a young player who is an exciting prospect, and there are a lot of clubs in the Premier League that would love to have him, believe me.”

So there you have it. It’s just a shame that there are NOT lots of clubs that would want to sign Bendtner, Denilson, Djourou, Squillaci, Arshavin, Almunia……………

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5 thoughts on “Gazidis – Arsenal are proud of our sustainable youth policy (full transcript)

  1. buy promising players
    and when they develop sell them.

    and arsenal are proud?
    the fans aren’t…

  2. what a load of nonsence…….spend some money or nobody will spend to go watch arsenal anymore

  3. Let’s see how sustainable the model is without the Champions League football/TV money, without the worldwide fanbase that comes with success & without the associated revenues from merchandise sales………let’s see what statements they come out with at season ticket renewal time……”that Messi is a great player & would make a fantastic addition to our squad”……….

  4. “Our financial model does mean we can’t afford to compete”

    Coming From the Third richest club in Europe…

    “UEFA agrees with us and is bringing limits on spending in (the Financial Fair Play initiative)”

    Judging by Wengers record in the transfer market it isnt necessary to buy players for £50-70m, and i dont agree with Arsenal Fans who say that is the solution, but doing nothing or ONLY buying 17 year olds isnt ideal either………
    Unless you can prove you can hold onto players once they become “world class” you have to increase the competition and pressure within the squad so that there are ready replacements there.
    Arsenal have shown countless times that when they buy players in the £8-15m price range they have a good chance of turning them into world class players….why not just more of the same?

    Otherwise its going to be the same old perpetual cycle and a club that lives in constant transition.

    “we’re proud of the way we do things, and we’re proud of the results that we’re able to produce from that.”

    Sure, Arsenal fans need patience. But this is all just propaganda, its sad that thats the position taken while the club looks increasingly likely to miss out on the champions league.

  5. This is true ‘sellarsharvin’, one would think you would need to be able to hold on to them once youe have developed them. Also one would think think that the money you get for their tranfers should be adequately re-invested straight back into the squad. Fabregas 35mill, Nasri 24mill. …and we got Arteta, Benayoun and Metesacker???? Thats just rubbish! 5million on Jenkinson is rubbish. The model is also rubbish. Sack the board, sack Wenger!

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