Giggs – The form-book means nothing when United play Arsenal


The Man Utd legend Ryan Giggs says that recent results for either team will mean absolutely nothing when Man United take to the Emirates pitch tomorrow, and Arsenal are certain to be fighting to the death against the team that has been their biggest rivals under Arsene Wenger’s reign.

“Arsenal are Arsenal,” Giggs said. “They play very good football, they’re one of the best passing teams in Europe and they’re up there, as they always are. They’ve had a few disappointing results but they’re still in the Champions League and they’re up there in the league. Like most teams they probably could have done better, but I’m sure they’re happy.

“I’ve seen a statistic that they’ve let in more away goals than anyone else, but you’ve got to take into account that eight of those were at United, which was just a freak result. They’re a dangerous team. They’ve lost a few decent players over the years but they still play attractive football and new players keep coming in.

“Given the rivalry we’ve had over the years and the mutual respect between the two clubs, it doesn’t matter what the form-book says – it’s always a big game and always a tough game, especially at the Emirates. We’ve had mixed fortunes there; some good results and some bad results, but even in the good results we’ve always had to play well there to get a win. They’ve had a couple of defeats back-to-back, but that doesn’t matter.”

See, even Ryan Giggs know that Arsenal could easily win tomorrows game, so why don’t the Arsenal fans themselves try and have a little more confidence in their own side?

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