Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has been praised constantly by fans, managers, fellow players and the media alike this season, all because of his fantastic form. However it shouldn’t just be our French danger man that is getting all the praise because the entire team as a whole is performing on a world class level.

The likes of Aaron Ramsey, Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil have all been excellent alongside Giroud this season, and the 27 year old is good enough to recognise that Arsenal’s high performances have been down to the team effort.

Giroud said after the 2-0 win over Napoli on Tuesday night: “Mesut especially tonight was unbelievable. It is really simple to find him on the pitch and I have a really good understanding with him. He provided the assist for my goal. He knows the right thing at the right moment. This is his first goal, but he has provided a lot. I think it was his fifth or sixth assist since he joined. He was the man we needed to really improve our side.”

It’s true that Mesut Ozil probably has been the difference in our side so far this season, and although that’s not taking any credit away from the other top performers, with that many assists from the German midfield maestro, he really will be the key behind our success. Giroud then went on to speak about his own improvements since his arrival at the club just a year and a month ago:

He said, “Since the start of the season I maybe have more confidence and I am settling well now, in the team and in my new English life. I feel really good on the pitch and really want to improve myself and the team.”

He really is a completely different player this season compared to last year and that’s largely down to his movement and physicality rather than his goal scoring ability. I think both players will be absolutely vital if Arsenal are going to be successful this season and hopefully alongside Giroud’s dream of winning the Ballon d’Or, he can make our dream a reality by returning the glory to Arsenal.

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