I believe that the football media, or some members of it at least, like nothing more than to wind up football fans and I also think that Arsenal fans get this treatment more than most. Any hint of something that will stress us out is instantly splashed all over the back pages and if there is nothing about someone will probably make a rumour up.

Having said that, it is easy to take the news reported by The Mirror and other outlets that our Spanish right back Hector Bellerin has bought a house on the Catalan coast near Barcelona as a sure sign that the Arsenal transfer rumours linking the right back with a summer transfer back to his boyhood club will prove to be spot on.

However, it may not be quite so simple, because the report also mentions that his parents are returning to their native land. So maybe now that Hector has grown up they do not feel the need to be in London with him, while the player’s hefty wages would allow him to buy a place for his nearest and dearest.

There are also comments in the report from Bellerin’s Spanish under 21 teammate Denis Suarex who plays for Barca and from what he says there has been no decision to leave the Gunners by our full back.

The midfielder said, “I have spoken with him, and on the one hand he’s keen to come and on the other he feels tied to Arsenal. I hope he can come.”

So what do you make of it?

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