Gotze Snubs Arsenal In Favor Of What? Better League?

Arsenal’s transfer target Mario Gotze seems unlikely to join the Gunners in their attempt to attack the Big Four in England. Borussia Dortmund’s rising star seems to be more interested in the magic of playing at Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“I do not know how serious and concrete these requests are,”

“But I am not busy with the possibility of moving. But of course, such offers flatter me!”

“I’d prefer to play in Spain than in the Premier League,” he continued “Spanish football is better suited to my qualities.”

“Every footballer’s dream is to play in Spain. There are many great teams there like Real Madrid or Barcelona.”

The fact is that there are not that many teams, just those two he mentioned and perhaps Valencia, but even though the best teams in the Premiership are perhaps not as good right now as Barcelona and Real Madrid, there’s no other league in the world with so much fight for the title and top places and certainly no league with no many top teams.

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3 thoughts on “Gotze Snubs Arsenal In Favor Of What? Better League?

  1. 8 years ago he may have chosen arsenal…not now….we are not challengers for trophies….we are a top europa cup level of club these days….certainly nowhere near barca.

    1. well as english clubs go we are in the last 16(again) which is more than can be said of the manchester clubs and certainly better than europa cup level. which incidentally gotze’s current club did not reach even by the failure default route.

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